I wrote a piece

I wrote a piece tonight in Salon detailing how Gary Condit’s press spokesman Marina Ein told me that “Chandra Levy has a history of one-night stands.” Were this true, it might be relevant to police trying to figure out how she came to harm and, so forth. But let me be clear: I have good reason to believe that this is actually not true. Not that I don’t know it to be true, but that I have positive reasons to believe it is false.

In any case, as I noted in the piece, this really isn’t very effective PR, to put it mildly.

Certainly this isn’t going to make Condit look very good. But it goes beyond that. Gary Condit’s biggest problem thus far hasn’t been the police, for better or worse. It’s been Chandra’s aggrieved and heart-broken family who’ve dogged his every step with an endless stream of anecdotal tidbits, morsels, and veiled accusations.

And that was before his flacks started trashing their daughter.

On another matter, this article in Tuesday’s Washington Post says the Condit team has still not turned over the polygraph results they trumpeted last Friday. Chief Ramsey mentioned this on the Sunday shows. Ein told me on Monday afternoon that one portion of the test results had been sent to police on Friday and that the remainder had been sent on Monday monring. Are they really still holding on to those records? And if so, why?