Scott Brown Tweets: Former Massachusetts Senator Is Just Like Us

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R) isn’t letting defeat get him down.

Since failing to win re-election against Elizabeth Warren in November, Brown’s future has been the subject of heavy speculation. With Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), the senior senator from Massachusetts, expected to be confirmed as secretary of state, Brown is well-positioned to run for the vacated seat. A recent poll found him topping every Democratic opponent in a hypothetical matchup, and another found Brown easily cruising by Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA). There’s also been talk of a gubernatorial run.

Brown, for his part, hasn’t given any indication of what his plans are. And while he hasn’t been meeting with any kings or queens lately, that we know of, Brown has become a sort of Twitter celebrity extraordinaire recently, even giving prolific Tweeter Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) a run for his money.

So, what’s Brown been up to?He’s been going on runs with his wife:

He’s been telling us to get ready … for something (another run?)

He’s been reviewing restaurants:

He’s been cheering on the Boston Celtics:

He’s been chowing down on some hot noodle soup:

He’s been hitting the gym:

He’s been getting lost at bars:

He’s been talking smack against New York City football fans:

He’s gotten stuck doing pesky chores:

And of course, he’s been arguing with his Twitter followers late at night (captured by the Boston Globe but since deleted):