RNC Chief Of Staff Quits


The shake-ups are continuing at the Republican National Committee, in the wake of recent spending scandals, with chief of staff Ken MacKay resigning, Politico reports.

The Hotline reports that MacKay had fired the staffer who made now-infamous $2,000 expenditure at a bondage-themed night club in West Hollywood. However, RNC chairman Michael Steele wanted to take further steps. “The chairman felt it was critical to make a move swiftly to ensure that no improper expenses happen in the future,” said RNC spokesman Doug Heye.

Late Update: RNC Chairman Michael Steele released the following statement: “The members of the Republican National Committee entrusted myself and every staffer to lead the loyal opposition against the destructive Obama agenda, build a stronger Republican party and win elections. This is a role I take with the utmost seriousness. With this in mind, I want to do everything in my power to ensure that the committee uses all its resources in the best possible fashion and for this reason I have appointed Mike Leavitt Chief of Staff. Through his experience in Maine working for RNC Victory 2004 and the Maine GOP; running my Senate race; working for Senator John McCain’s presidential election in 2007 and his close work with Governor Bob McDonnell, Mike brings a strong ability to work to manage the building and win elections across the country.”