Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating At Highest Point Since October

A new Public Policy Polling survey has some good news for President Barack Obama: His approval rating is at its highest point since October.

The poll, conducted from May 7-9, shows that 50% of Americans approve of Obama, compared to 46% who disapprove. Not since Oct. 21 — when a PPP survey showed Obama’s approval rating at 51%, compared to 43% disapproving — that PPP has showed Obama’s numbers this strong.Of course, it’s nowhere near the sky-high approval ratings Obama enjoyed around his inauguration. Nor is it time for him to declare victory over troubling poll numbers. But there is movement in Obama’s direction on these polls.

The TPM Poll Average shows Obama’s approval rating is at 48.5%, compared to 45.3% who disapprove. Check out the trend line on this graph. You can see the uptick in Obama’s numbers.