Poll: Joe Wilson Trails Dem Opponent Rob Miller In Wake of “You Lie!” Outburst

A new poll of Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) district by Public Policy Polling (D) says that the controversial Congressman may have seriously landed himself in hot water through his “You lie!” outburst — and is now trailing his Democratic opponent by one point.

Democratic candidate Rob Miller, who has received a ton of money from donors around the country since Wednesday night, now has 44%, to Wilson’s 43%. The two both have 75% support among their own parties, but Miller leads among independents by 47%-39%. Only 29% of the total pool of respondents approved of Wilson’s actions at the speech, compared to 62% who disapproved.

Wilson won re-election over Miller by 54%-46% in 2008, after having previously won his races with support of more than 60% or even over 80% of the electorate.The demographics of the poll roughly match the actual demographics of the district. That said, it is a long time between now and November 2010.

Bonus finding: According to this poll, Wilson’s constituents favor the public option by 44%-39%.

From the pollster’s analysis: “In a matter of seconds Joe Wilson turned himself from a safe incumbent into one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country for 2010.”