Karl Rove: O’Donnell ‘Handled The Witchcraft Thing Great’ (VIDEO)

Karl Rove just can’t get enough of Christine O’Donnell these days. Since first describing her as “nutty” on the night she won the Republican nomination for Senate in Delaware, Rove has of course found religion (no pun intended) when it comes to O’Donnell and turned into one of her greatest cheerleaders on Fox.

Case in point? Last night on Hannity, Rove was over the moon about how O’Donnell’s handled herself since primary night on Sept. 14. The show’s host, the perpetually starry-eyed-over-right-wingers Sean Hannity asked Rove to weigh in on O’Donnell’s campaign strategy, which consists mostly of never talking to much of the press again. Despite his reservations about O’Donnell’s refusal to answer tough questions in the past, Rove gave the plan a big Architect thumbs up.

“She handled the witchcraft issue great — she made it a joke,” Rove said. Still, amidst all the praise he noted O’Donnell’s dreadful poll numbers and suggested there could be one flaw in O’Donnell’s plan.

“She’s right — she’s right on the issues, [Democratic nominee Chris] Coons is wrong on the issues,” he said. “The question is, will voters in Delaware pay attention to her? “Watch:

The TPM Poll Average shows Coons leading the race 55.0-39.6.