Jon Stewart Rips The GOP’s Faulty Math

Jon Stewart on Tuesday turned to the so-called Buffett Rule, the proposal that Americans making more than $1 million a year should pay their fair share in taxes. To the Senate floor! Stewart said, where the rule was up for a vote on Monday.Republicans predictably filibustered, claiming that the estimated $47 billion it will raise in the next decade is a drop in the bucket. “That wouldn’t pay for half a day’s work on the secret reanimate Ronald Reagan project,” Stewart mocked.

But point taken, he added. Then again, didn’t Republicans say $300 million was an awful lot to spend on Planned Parenthood? “Let me get this straight,” Stewart said. “$47 billion in millionaires’ money is less than $300 million in mammograms and birth control.”

Watch the video:

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The Great Buffett Caper
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