Jon Stewart Rips Fox News’ Judith Miller’s Hypocrisy On Leaks

The U.S. national security community’s crackdown on intelligence leaks is casting a chill over coverage of the community, according to the New York Times, a newspaper accused of publishing such leaks.

And former Timeswoman Judith Miller — who erroneously reported on the lead-up to the Iraq War — has appeared on Fox News recently calling the current round of leaks “injurious.”Jon Stewart cited an example from 2002, when the Bush administration would give sensitive information to Miller and the Times. Former Vice President Dick Cheney would then appear on the Sunday shows citing the article he actually planted in the paper.

“And now to bring the whole thing full circle, (Miller’s) on fucking television as the expert on why other people doing it is not good, when in reality the move she is describing should be called ‘pulling a Miller,'” Stewart said.

Watch the video:

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A Leak of Their Own
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