Dick Armey Backs Boehner’s Strategy On Tax Cuts

Dick Armey, chairman of the tea party-backing FreedomWorks, got behind Rep. John Boehner’s (R-OH) take-what-you-can-get talk about extending the Bush tax cuts at a breakfast with reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor this morning.

Asked if Boehner made “the right move” with his suggestion that he’d vote for extending just the Bush tax cuts affecting the middle class if that’s all that could reasonably pass the Democratic-controlled Congress, Armey said:

“One of the first things in politics is to do what is doable. And you have right now a Democrat president, Democrat leadership in both the House and Senate that’s so ideologically-defined…the class-warfare malarkey that these guys live by has become theological to them.”

“It’s quite possible that John Boehner basically realizes that you simply can’t get the Democrats emotionally prepared to deal with the fact that comprehensive continuation of the tax structure as we know it today after 10 years [of Bush cuts] is just.”