Cornyn: Angle Won’t Be Ready to Face The Press For ‘A Few Weeks’

You may have to wait until it’s really hot outside before Sharron Angle takes questions from the media about her controversial record. Tonight, several hours after she zigzagged her way through the Senate to avoid questions from the press, a handful of reporters asked NRSC Chairman John Cornyn to explain.

His response: We probably won’t be hearing anything from her for weeks.Cornyn echoed several of his previous statements suggesting Angle isn’t quite prepared to face the media, and will be fairly sequestered, at least until she has a full staff of campaign veterans running the show for her.

“You’re going to have complete 100 percent access to her, but I think it just makes sense, at some point that I think she needs to get staffed up and prepared,” Cornyn said. “I don’t think anybody would be prepared for a race like this where 20 or 30 million dollars is going to be spent in negative advertising.”

I asked when he expected she’d be able to face a group of reporters without feeling the need to give ’em the slip. “I don’t know, I mean I just think it’s going to take a few weeks…but you know it’s really up to her,” Cornyn replied. “With all due respect to the Washington press corps the people she’s gotta impress are the voters back in Nevada.” (Angle has also been dodging the Nevada press corps.)

So there you have it. Angle will get to decide if and when she takes questions from the press, but it won’t be until well into summer.