Biden Cracks Up Over Idea That Palin Could Beat Obama In 2012 (VIDEO)

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Like when Vice President Joe Biden simply couldn’t control his laughter over the thought of Sarah Palin winning against President Barack Obama in 2012.

Palin told Barbara Walters in an interview set to air in full on December 9 that she thinks she could win.

Appearing first on Larry King Live last night, then Morning Joe today, Biden offered a few carefully chosen remarks about a potential Obama-Palin matchup.“I don’t think she could beat President Obama,” Biden said on Morning Joe, after his laughter subsided. “But, you know, she’s always underestimated, so I think I shouldn’t say any more.”

Speaking to Larry King, Biden acknowledged Palin’s influence in the Republican Party, adding that she could stand a good chance of winning the nomination. “I personally like her,” he said. “She’s an appealing person.”

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But in reality, Biden doesn’t think she stands a chance.

“I think, in that race, it would be a clear, clear choice for the country to make, and I believe President Obama would be in very good shape.”

Watch Biden on Larry King:

And on Morning Joe: