Bachmann Slams Obama Birthday Party: I’ll Cancel My Barbecue If Stocks Crash

Michele Bachmann has joined the ranks of Republicans attacking President Obama for celebrating his birthday on Thursday, which coincided with the 512-point mega-drop in the Dow Jones stock index. And as Bachmann said, she would not “celebrate” the news as she accused Obama of doing — she would have canceled the barbecue.

“The birthday present he got was huge drop of 512 points in the market and not only that, what was the president’s response? He threw a barbecue last night at the White House to celebrate,” Bachmann told an Iowa crowd, the Des Moines Register reports.

She added: “One thing I will guarantee you, President Bachmann will be canceling barbecues if we see the market go down and if we see the jobs report going down.”

But wait a second: Wouldn’t that sort of abrupt reduction in consumer spending result in layoffs of catering employees? That’s not the kind of bold move that the ratings agencies are looking for.