Bachmann: I’ll Announce My 2012 Plans In Iowa!

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is either on the verge of announcing that she’s running for president — or she’ll be holding the biggest let-down of a rally that ever happened in Iowa.

Bachmann spoke to Republicans in Des Moines Thursday night (via phone and Internet video, after she cancelled a much-promoted live appearance in order to stay in Washington and vote to renew the Patriot Act) and discussed her upcoming plans.

“We are starting the effort,” Bachmann told reporters over a speakerphone, CNN reports. “We already have a hired staff in Iowa, New Hampshire, in South Carolina. We have every aspect that we need in this effort.”

“When we make that all-important announcement – which will happen in the month of June – that announcement. I am pleased to tell you tonight, will be made in Iowa,” she further added. “And I will also tell you that announcement will be made in the city where I was born, in Waterloo.”

It’s not exactly a confirmation that she is running — but did anyone ever put together a big rally in Iowa, and then deliver a rip-roaring speech that they weren’t running?