AP: Nelson Says New Abortion Compromise Ain’t Good Enough

The Associated Press is reporting that, in an interview with a Lincoln, Nebraska radio station, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) rejected a new abortion compromise, aimed at securing his support for Senate health care legislation.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson – the moderate Democrat whose opposition is holding up the Senate’s health care bill – says new language on abortion doesn’t satisfy his concerns.

Nelson told KLIN radio in Lincoln, Nebraska, Thursday that an attempt at compromise doesn’t get to the fundamental issue of barring federal funding for abortions.

Nelson says without further changes the compromise isn’t sufficient.

If this report is confirmed, and Nelson reiterates his filibuster threat, Democrats will have to win over one Republican or the health care bill will likely not survive.

According to AP Nelson said he doesn’t see how this bill can be completed by Christmas. We’ll be monitoring closely.