AFL-CIO Drops Millions Of Mailers In Key Races

The AFL-CIO is continuing to throw its weight into the midterm elections, Politico reports, with a whole new load of mailers in different key races.

All in all, the AFL-CIO is dropping 3.5 million mailers into 66 races this week. Among the key picks:

• A mailer in the Connecticut Senate race, featuring a pro-wrestler in a mask, with the text proclaiming: “Don’t let Linda McMahon put the smack down on Connecticut workers.

• A mailer in the West Virginia Senate race, hammering Republican businessman John Raese and promoting Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin: “After the deadliest mining disaster in 40 years, one Senate candidate wants to ‘unshackle’ management from safety regulations, and one is fighting to make them stronger.”

• A mailer in Florida’s 8th District, home to the fiery liberal Dem Congressman Alan Grayson, attacking Republican candidate Dan Webster for wanting to renew the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy: “Wall street wrecked our economy, and America’s middle class paid the price. Now, Daniel Webster wants to repeat the past.”