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Before emailing us with your problem, please look through the following FAQs to understand the switch to Facebook commenting and other questions, or refer to our Status blog, which will keep you up to date on what we’re working on and any problems we’re experiencing on the tech side of TPM. The FAQs are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Load Issues (Questions like: Why can’t I access TPM?)
  2. Ad Policy (Questions like: What’s your policy on auto play ads?)
  3. Commenting Policy (Questions like: What is our commenting policy?).
A page on TPM won’t load, or is hanging on a file.
We’re doing our best to use only fast and responsive ad networks, though sometimes their servers hiccup on an ad. If you can see what file the browser is hanging on, let us know and we’ll pull that ad network out of rotation.
TPM won’t load for me, is it down?
If you’re ever worried about whether TPM is down, check out our Status blog which will be updated if we’re experiencing any problems.,
I get a runtime or javascript error on a TPM page.
This is also most likely an issue with our ad networks. Please note the error and what browser you are using, and send it to us.
I see the content on a TPM page, but the layout looks weird.
The browser is probably not loading a stylesheet. Hold down shift and reload the page.
How do I subscribe to TPM by RSS?
All our RSS feeds are located at
I have another question that wasn’t answered here or need additional assistance with one of the previous questions

Ad Policy

  1. What is your policy on auto play sound ads?
  2. Do you allow interstitial ads?
What is your policy on auto play sound ads?
Auto play sound ads are a violation of our ad policy. If you see one, please take a screenshot or write down as much information as you can about it and send an email to siteissues [at] talkingpointsmemo dot com.
Do you allow interstitial ads?
No, we believe these ads impede user experience and we will not use them.

Commenting Policy

  1. Does TPM have a comment policy?
  2. What commenting system do you work with?
  3. Can I post links in my comment?
  4. Have any additional questions?
Does TPM have a comment policy?

Yes! TPM Media follows a simple set of rules for acceptable commenting:

1. All political viewpoints are welcome. However, hate speech of any kind, libelous statements or threats to fellow users or others will be deleted and may be grounds for suspending or terminating a user’s account.

Four letter words are not banned, but we ask that they be used sparingly as overuse coarsens and undermines the debate.

TPM is a venue for lively and passionate debate. But insults, personal attacks and the like make that sort of enlivening exchange impossible. If you just want to scream and taunt, please go somewhere else. If you have any question about what is and what’s not acceptable, follow this rule: If you wouldn’t use a certain word or talk to someone a certain way in a real-life political discussion at a Coffee House, don’t do it here either.

What commenting system do you work with?

We use Facebook comments. To read more about this switch, please read Josh’s full post on the decision.

You can also read our FAQ page for Facebook comments.

Can I post links in my comment?
Yes, and links containing “http” will automatically be hyperlinked. YouTube videos and specific image hosts will automatically be embedded in the comment.
Have any additional questions?