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Anne Torres confirmed to the Newark Star-Ledger Tuesday that she is resigning from her post as Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker's communications director.  The resignation comes amid speculation that an internal conflict followed Booker's much-talked-about appearance on Meet The Press, during which he condemned the Obama campaign's attacks on Mitt Romney's career with Bain Capital.

"I just decided it is best if I pursued other opportunities," Torres said. "We have very different views on how communications should be run."

Booker's chief of staff has denied that the resignation had anything to do with the Meet The Press interview, claiming that Torres is leaving on "amicable" terms.  

According to the website PolitickerNJ, Anne Torres, communications director for Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker, is resigning amid a conflict following his highly publicized appearance on Meet The Press last week.  

Torres is reportedly resigning due to an internal feud that came on the heels of Booker's appearance on the Sunday morning news show, during which he criticized the Obama campaign's recent scrutiny toward Mitt Romney's career with the private equity firm Bain Capital. 


A California church will sponsor a billboard in North Carolina extending an apology to gay and lesbian couples for the state's passage of Amendment One earlier this month.

The billboard, paid for by the San Diego-based Missiongathering Christian Church, will read, "Missiongathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who DENIED rights and equality TO so many in the Name of God."  It will be displayed on Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte, a route named for the influential pastor who hails from North Carolina.  Graham expressed support for Amendment One prior to the statewide vote.

A change to the state constitution that will ensure legal recognition only to marriage between a man and a woman, Amendment One was passed overwhelmingly by North Carolina voters on May 8.



Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney is slated to meet with billionaire Sheldon Adelson today in Las Vegas.  Adelson, a casino magnate, backed Newt Gingrich throughout the GOP nomination contest, serving as the chief financial benefactor for the former House Speaker's campaign.  

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has landed in Cuba and will spend Tuesday on the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Yahoo! News reports.

The trip will mark the first visit to Cuba for Rubio, who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  He does not plan to leave the premises at Guantanamo.  

A new poll from a Democratic-leaning firm shows President Barack Obama with a four-point advantage over Mitt Romney in the southwestern battleground state of Colorado.  

In the statewide survey of likely voters, conducted last week by Project New America (PNA), Obama polls at 48 percent, while Romney trails with 44 percent.  Obama receives a significant boost from the state's so-called unaffiliated voters, besting Romney among the key voting bloc, 57 percent to 30 percent.  


Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), the five-term Republican from Michigan's 11th Congressional District, announced today that he will seek re-election as a write-in candidate. 

In a column for The Detroit News, McCotter acknowledged that he did not garner the requisite number of signatures to earn a spot on the August 7 primary ballot.  The secretary of state's office revealed Friday that there were irregularities on McCotter's petition.  



A critical new ad from American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-backed 527 organization, hits back at President Barack Obama's campaign for "attacking private equity."  

The ad, titled "Public Equity" and released Monday, is notable for its criticism of the restructuring of the U.S. automotive industry, widely considered a success for the Obama administration.  

"But under the government auto bailout investment, 2,000 dealerships were shuttered, wiping out over 100,000 American jobs," the narrator says.  The ad also takes aim at Obama's associations with Solyndra, the solar energy company that went bankrupt after receiving taxpayers' money.



Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) advised President Barack Obama's campaign Friday not to attack Mitt Romney for his time at the private equity firm Bain Capital, a strategy employed by both Perry and Newt Gingrich during the often-contentious Republican nomination contest.

"I don't think Barack Obama wants to go there," Perry said in an interview with CNN's John King.  When pressed on whether he stood by his previous criticisms of Romney, Perry said he was simply trying to "score points."  

Since dropping out earlier this month, Gingrich has also suggested that the Obama campaign is taking an ill-advised approach in its scrutiny of Romney's career at Bain.

CBS News reports that Mitt Romney's campaign declined to repudiate Donald Trump, who insisted in an interview with The Daily Beast published today that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.  

According to CBS, a spokesman for the Romney campaign simply referred to remarks made by the presumptive Republican nominee during an April 2011 interview with CNBC's Larry Kudlow.

"I believe the president was born in the United States," Romney told Kudlow. "The man needs to be taken out of office, but his citizenship isn't the reason why."

On Wednesday, the Romney campaign announced a fundraising contest with a prize package that includes dinner with Trump.  Additionally, Trump is slated to appear at a campaign event with Romney on Tuesday at the real estate magnate's Las Vegas hotel.