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Tom Kludt is a reporter for Talking Points Memo based in New York City, covering media and national affairs. Originally from South Dakota, Tom joined TPM as an intern in late-2011 and became a staff member during the 2012 election. He can be reached at tom@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Inspector General announced Monday that it is beginning an audit of agency employees' use of private email accounts and "aliases" or false names in conducting official business.

In November, Republican leaders of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee began their own investigation into the alleged use of private emails after the Daily Caller reported that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used alias email accounts, including one under the name of "Richard Windsor." At that time, it requested inspectors general for several federal agencies, including EPA, to conduct their own investigations.

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Dina Manfredini, who assumed the distinction as the world's oldest person less than two weeks ago, died Monday at a care center outside of Des Moines, Iowa, the Associated Press reports. She was 115. 

CNN anchor Don Lemon on Monday made an impassioned plea for more stringent restrictions on assault weapons like the one used by Adam Lanza in last week's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn.

"Who needs an assault rifle to go hunting?" Lemon said during a broadcast on the cable news network. "You can't even use the prey that you kill with an assault rifle if you indeed do it. No one needs an assault rifle to go out and shoot a deer. No one needs an assault rifle that's capable of shooting 10, 20, 30 rounds off at the same time to shoot a duck or to shoot quail. It does not make sense."



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Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) on Monday said President Barack Obama was "really magnificent" in his efforts to comfort the community of Newtown, Conn. in the wake of last week's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

"I thought the president was really magnificent. First, he spent a lot of time with the families that have lost loved ones and with the first responders and that was very important to them," Lieberman said on MSNBC. "He was just very comforting and very strengthening and he was himself very moved. Secondly, I thought his speech was powerful both in evoking our tradition of faith in times of crisis in America and comforting, but really most significant out of all, he had a real resolve last night that was deeply appreciated in that high school auditorium, which is that these tragedies must end."

A man believed to be the lead suspect in Sunday's fatal shooting in Topeka, Kan. that left two police officers dead was apprehended early Monday morning, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports:

Shortly after 6 a.m. Monday, a body was seen lying face down in the street outside 304 S.W. Western, which law enforcement officers had staked out for hours, calling for the suspect to surrender. The body was loaded into an ambulance and rushed from the scene.

No one could yet confirm that the injured person was David Edward Tiscareno, 22, of Topeka, the lead suspect in the deaths of Cpl. David Gogian, 50, and Officer Jeff Atherly, 29.



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Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I) told the Associated Press on Friday that he is considering running for re-election as a Democrat to bolster his chances of winning. 

"I have to make some decisions about that," Chafee said. "There is no independent governors association throwing money around ... but there is a Democratic Governors Association."

Chafee served in the U.S. Senate for one term as a Republican before being defeated by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) in 2006. Elected as an independent governor in 2010, Chafee said that he has no intention to return to the GOP.


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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who has earned an "A" rating from the National Rifle Associaton, said Monday that he wants to bring the powerful pro-gun lobby into the imminent discussion on gun control, indicating that he would be receptive to an assault weapons ban that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said she would introduce.

"I don't know anyone in the sporting or hunting arena that goes out with an assault rifle," Manchin said during an appearance on "Morning Joe." "I don't know anyone that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. I mean, these are things that need to be talked about."



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The Associated Press reports:

Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi has revealed he is engaged to a woman almost 50 years his junior, and says that "finally I feel less alone."

The 76-year-old media baron said Sunday his engagement to 28-year-old Francesca Pascale — part of a support group called "Silvio, we miss you" — is "official".

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Two police officers were killed outside of a Topeka, Kan. grocery store on Sunday. Authorities were still in search of the 22-year-old male suspect as of Sunday night. The Topeka police chief said the suspect has a criminal record, but a motive for the shooting was unclear.  

Cpl. David Gogian, 50, and Officer Jeff Atherly, 29, arrived as backup to a fellow officer who was responding to a report regarding a suspicious vehicle outside of the store. They were both shot fatally in the head shortly after their arrival.