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Just months ago, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) seemed to have accepted that accomplishing the basic functions of government required throwing some red meat to his conservative members. But less 100 days away from the election, he is trying to bury a spending bill that rank and file members want to use as a vehicle to gut 'Obamacare', end family planning funds, and slash spending on longstanding programs.

The conundrum illustrates GOP leaders' wariness of reigniting volatile political battles and potentially alienating voters ahead of the November election.

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During a trip to Israel, Mitt Romney hailed the nation's health care system for holding down costs and broadening coverage more effectively than the U.S.

The irony: Israel contains costs by adopting a very centralized, government-run health care system -- anathema to Romney's Republican Party.

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The Democratic Party intends to include language supporting same sex marriage in its 2012 national platform, a Democratic source confirmed to TPM on Monday.

As first reported by the Washington Blade, a 15-member committee unanimously approved draft language Sunday with a pro-gay-marriage plank. It would be the first time a major U.S. party has officially supported the cause.

"[T]his was the first step in the platform process," the source said. "The platform drafting committee met in Minneapolis this past weekend. Next, the full platform committee will consider it in Detroit (in two weeks) and then, it will go to the convention delegates in Charlotte for final approval."

The Romney campaign is slamming as "false" the new Obama TV ad that hammers Mitt Romney over his positions on women's issues. Team Romney takes particular issue with the Obama ad's questionable premise that Romney opposes abortion even in the cases of rape and incest.

"It's no coincidence that after weeks of terrible economic news and the President's comments that businessmen and women aren't responsible for their own hard work, the Obama campaign drops false ads against Governor Romney in a desperate attempt to change the subject," Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg told TPM. "No false ad can change the fact that President Obama has failed to create jobs and turn around the economy, hurting women all over the country."

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argued that Jewish voters are being "exploited" by Republicans over the issue of Israel's security, calling President Obama the "strongest" supporter of Israel and accusing the GOP of seeking to distract from their domestic agenda.

The remarks provoked a fiery retort from the nation's most prominent Jewish Republican, who called it "patronizing" and "insulting" just hours before a Sunday speech in Israel by the GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

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A federal court on Friday ruled against the Obama administration's birth control mandate, the first court to side with its opponents. The decision isn't final, but the move could represent a breakthrough for conservatives determined to overturn the regulation made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

A federal district judge in Colorado issued a temporary injunction permitting Hercules Industries, an air-conditioning company based in the state, not to abide by the rule until the courts reach a decision on the merits of the case. The business owner, a Catholic who opposes contraception, argued that the mandate violates his religious liberty.

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney said in a Sunday-aired interview that John McCain made a "mistake" by selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.

Speaking to ABC in an interview that was excerpted on "This Week," Cheney called Palin an "attractive" candidate but said, "I don't think she passed that test -- of being ready to take over. And so I think that was a mistake."

To date, McCain stands by his decision to pick Palin.

Mitt Romney laughed off a question about whether he's worried about Newsweek's latest cover story labeling him a "wimp."

"If I worried about what the media said I wouldn't get much sleep and I'm able to sleep pretty well," he said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS' "Face The Nation."

Asked if he's ever been called a wimp before, Romney said with a laugh, "I don't recall that, no."

Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs said Sunday that President Obama is more committed to Israel's security than any American president.

"This president has had the strongest commitment of any US president to Israel's security," he said on ABC's "This Week."

During a CBS interview while on a trip to Israel, Mitt Romney refused multiple opportunities to criticize President Obama's foreign policy in the region, evoking the phrase "politics ends at the water's edge."

"While I'm on foreign soil, I just don't feel that I should be speaking about differences with regards to myself and President Obama on foreign policy," he said in the interview that aired Sunday on "Face The Nation." "Are there differences between us? Of course."

He said he's explicated his foreign policy and differences with Obama in earlier speeches but argued that it wouldn't be appropriate to do so while in Israel.