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Mitt Romney's senior policy adviser Ed Gillespie defended the candidate's extension filed for completing his 2011 tax returns on Fox News Sunday.

"Like millions of Americans, Governor Romney has filed for an extension to complete his tax returns because he's waiting for other information to come in from other entities that he doesn't have the control of their forms," Gillespie said. "As you know you have to comply and make sure that the forms come up. He's waiting for those to come in. He's paid his estimated taxes and he's released his estimated income. And when the forms are completed and filed, after that he will make them public and that will be before the election. This is not out of the ordinary for people to get an extension."

He said Romney won't release 23 years of tax returns.

"Twenty-three year of personal returns -- this is a classic attempt by the Obama campaign to distract from many of the things I've just been talking about," Gillespie said.

Speaking anonymously to The Hill, House Republicans vented their anger with Majority Leader Eric Cantor for helping oust longtime Rep. Don Manzullo (R-IL) via a $25,000 donation to a super-PAC that attacked him.

A veteran lawmaker sized it up this way to the paper:

“It is a serious breach of trust,” the lawmaker said. “It sends a signal to the rest of us that if we don’t fall 100 percent in line…they will come after you.”

Cantor is in damage control mode, reportedly assuring his members that his donation was purely for the Manzullo race, and saying he does not support the super-PAC's efforts to defeat other GOP incumbents.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said Sunday that he believes there were more Secret Service agents involved than current figures say in the prostitution scandal that broke Friday night.

"We think the number might be higher. And we're asking for the exact amount of all the people who 'were involved,'" Issa said on CBS' Face The Nation. An upcoming investigation, he said, will be "about how did this happen and how often has this happened before. Things like this don't happen once if they haven't happened before."

Mitt Romney's campaign came out swinging against Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner for saying there's "no risk" the United States will face a Greece-like debt catastrophe in the next two years.

"Almost a year to the day after telling the country there was ‘no risk’ of a credit downgrade, Secretary Geithner is at it again – telling Americans there is ‘no risk’ of fiscal disaster from our ever-growing national debt," Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul said in a statement. "What’s the real risk to America’s fiscal future? Four more years of the same failed policies from the Obama Administration."

Geithner was speaking specifically about the comparisons to Greece on NBC's Meet The Press Sunday, being interviewed by David Gregory.

Gregory: “Tom Coburn has just written a book and he said if we don't deal with these debt problems, we're going to be Greece in two years. Do you not see the debt as..."

Geithner: “No, no, no risk of that.”

Gregory: “No risk of that?”

Geithner: “No.”

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) chimed in Sunday on the battle for female voters, making an impassioned case that President Obama's policies are far better for women than those of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

"It's Barack Obama whose first bill he ever signed was the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act," she said on NBC's Meet The Press. "Mitt Romney? His hero is a governor from Wisconsin who just got rid of the equal pay laws there."

She added Obama has worked to increase economic opportunity for women by focusing on education, pell grants and broading access to health care.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) appeared on the same segment, echoing the Romney campaign's argument that most of the jobs lost under Obama have been women's jobs.

At his speech to the National Rifle Association this weekend, Rick Santorum revealed that he has signed his 3-year-old daughter Bella up as a member of the pro-gun group.

"Karen and I are life members of the NRA, and we wanted to announce today that ... now Bella is a life member of the NRA too," Santorum said. "I hope it is a long life."

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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who ran unsuccessfully for president this year, said Sunday she's considering endorsing Mitt Romney, who is all but certain to win the nomination.

"I am very seriously looking into an endorsement of Mitt Romney," she said on NBC's Meet The Press.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus on Sunday argued that it's no big deal that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has sought an extension for filing his 2011 tax return, calling the issue a "shiny object" that Democrats may use to distract attention from the economy.

"First of all, Mitt Romney released his 2010 tax return," he said on CNN's State of the Union. "He released the estimate for the 2011 tax return. What we're talking about is an extension to file paperwork. The worst irony here is the tactic of this president, to talk about tax returns and a Buffett Rule, when in reality we have bigger issues to talk about."

"And this election won't come down to the timing of a tax return," he added. "This election will come down to the state of this economy and how Barack Obama failed this country."

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday bashed Democrats for pushing the Buffett Rule and denied that Republicans are on the wrong side of the politics.

"I don't think so," he said on CNN's State of the Union. "It's all about dividing and conquering."

"This is a shiny object that Barack Obama wants the country to look at," Priebus argued. "If you added up every dollar of revenue that this little rule would put into place, if you took every dollar over a year, it would add up to paying for 11 hours of the federal government."

Polls say the public strongly supports the rule, which would ensure that millionaires and billionaires pay at least 30 percent of their income in taxes.

The U.S. embassy in Afghanistan is on lockdown Sunday morning as a series of coordinated attacks have taken place across the nation on government buildings and international facilities, according to multiple reports.

Bloomberg News called it the Taliban's "biggest offensive this year."

A CNN correspondent said on "State of the Union" that all U.S. embassy staff were accounted for as of early Sunday morning ET.