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Nick Martin is an associate editor at TPM in New York City. He came to the site in 2011 as a reporter for TPMMuckraker. Previously, he worked in Arizona, first as a staff reporter for a local newspaper and later as a freelance journalist. He also ran the news blog Heat City. Contact him at nick@talkingpointsmemo.com

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"The Daily Show" was back last night after a week off, and Jon Stewart took the chance to mock CNN's insane coverage of the missing Malaysian airplane. Watch it.

Remember the Democratic freakout over Obamacare that was supposed to happen following the Republican win in the Florida special congressional election earlier this month? Weeks later, it still hasn't happened.

So I have a confession. When I first saw a few weeks ago that the NRA was opposing President Obama's nominee for surgeon general, I didn't take it all that seriously. After all, the job has so little if anything to do with guns. I dismissed it as little more than a fundraising pitch for the organization.

By now, it's clear the NRA has at least damaged if not destroyed the President's chances of getting his nominee confirmed by the Senate. But as TPM's Sahil Kapur points out, the nation's largest gun lobby isn't going satisfied with merely a win on this one. After more than a year of fighting tooth-and-nail at both the federal and state levels, it wants a win so massive that no one will doubt its prowess, no matter the issue.

CNN's coverage of the missing Malaysian airplane this week has been obviously embarrassing, what with its speculation of black holes and "the supernatural" and all that. But it's really nothing compared to what's been going on at its sister network HLN.

On last night's episode of "Dr. Drew On Call" -- yes, I know -- the hosts brought on a woman who describes herself as a psychic to discuss where the missing plane might be. What came next is about as low as it gets in the news business.