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Originally from Scotland, Michael was a freelance video editor before joining TPM in the summer of 2011. He lives in New York with his wife and two cats and is a lifelong fan of The World Famous Dundee United.

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President Barack Obama on Friday addressed, via video message, the 25th National Conference on LGBT Equality, also known as Creating Change 2013.

In his message, he thanked the community for "helping to lead the way to a future where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, no matter who they love or where they came from."

The first president to send a video message to the Creating Change conference, Obama earlier this week was also the first president to directly address gay rights in his inaugural address.

Video of Obama's message to the conference:

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If you have been watching Fox News in recent weeks, you will have heard a lot of discussion about Hitler. Guests have been lining up to equate the gun legislation proposed by President Obama with Hitler, Nazis and 1930s Germany in general.

Since the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, Fox guests have been among the loudest voices saying that any new restrictions will decimate the Second Amendment and lead to government oppression not seen since Hitler, Mao or Stalin.

None summed it up it better than host Sean Hannity, who said last week: "We don't talk a lot about -- what were the intentions of our founders and framers? And we have Stalin, um, we have Hitler, we have countries, tyrannical. They talked a lot about that."

Then stepped up Bob Schieffer.

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President Barack Obama nominated former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) to be secretary of defense on Monday, and it didn't take long for the critics to pick the nomination apart.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) had already signaled their discomfort at the nomination on Sunday and left reporters across the television channels licking their lips at the prospect of a testy nomination process.

Here's TPMtv's look at the nomination and the fighting that's already taken place over Obama's pick:

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PollTracker editor Kyle Leighton looks at the recent polling to see whether the public believes President Obama has a mandate for his proposals:

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It seems like the War On Christmas comes earlier every year. For the folks over at Fox News, some of whom are still reeling from the outcome of the election, it seems there are many more reasons to be concerned this holiday season.

In the days before Thanksgiving, Fox filled its shows with dire, sometimes terrifying segments about all the threats surrounding the merriest season of the year. There's the eradication of free speech by atheist "loons," the possibility of choking on our food, the diseases spread on airplanes, and the endless depression that comes from Christmas commercials.

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