Michael Lester

Originally from Scotland, Michael was a freelance video editor before joining TPM in the summer of 2011. He lives in New York with his wife and two cats and is a lifelong fan of The World Famous Dundee United.

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Herman Cain's sexual harassment imbroglio is proceeding down a well-worn path. Some, like Clinton, have trodden it and just about survived. But most have been less lucky. And, as Benjy Sarlin explains, so far Cain seems determined to make all the same moves.

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What's up with Rick Perry? Is he responsible for developing an intricate new stand-up routine that profoundly confuses the national media? Or could - er - something else be at work? His recent campaign speech in New Hampshire certainly has people talking. Evan McMorris-Santoro investigates...

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Sticking to one's story and getting any and all damaging information out tends to be the first rule of surviving he said/ she said scandals. However, that's the rule Herman Cain threw out the window when confronted with accusations of sexual harassment. Will his shifting explanations derail his candidacy? Or does he have some powerful allies that can keep him on track?

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Poor Rick Santorum. As if it wasn't hard enough on him to see his name turned into a filthy internet joke, he's failed to make a splash in the GOP debates. All this from a former Senator who (as he likes to remind us) once won Pennsylvania by six points! True, he once lost it by eighteen points too, but why dwell on that?

In today's episode, Benjy Sarlin wonders why - despite being well-versed in the art of victimhood - Santorum just can't seem to make himself stick.

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In today's episode, Rick Perry says he's thinking about skipping future GOP debates.

But will he exude a mysterious and vote-getting aura if he becomes "The Man Who Wasn't There"?

Or, wonders Thomas Lane, will he basically just look chicken?

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It's nearly Halloween, but every evening must feel like fright night for Mitt Romney now. His well-heeled rival, Rick Perry, is once again dominating the airwaves. And all this after many thought Romney had finished the Texas governor for good by pummelling him in the GOP debates. So, is Perry back from the dead? Paranormal expert Thomas Lane investigates.

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In today's episode, it's every man and woman for themselves.

With a little over two months to go until voters head to the polls, tempers are finally starting to fray in what had previously been a pretty congenial GOP primary picnic.

For the bottom rung of the field money is getting low, and time is running out.

Time to hit the panic button.

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