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Originally from Scotland, Michael was a freelance video editor before joining TPM in the summer of 2011. He lives in New York with his wife and two cats and is a lifelong fan of The World Famous Dundee United.

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Newt Gingrich's combative performances over the course of at least umpteen GOP debates have finally put him at the top of the field. However, amnesia seems to have set in among the Republican electorate, since it wasn't that long ago that everyone had written him off completely. Evan McMorris-Santoro dusts off the skeletons that are still dangling in that very open closet.

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This past Saturday, the GOP Candidates gathered in South Carolina to draw firm lines between each other on the subject of foreign policy. Military strength was debated alongside foreign aid and, whereas in previous debates we've kept hearing the number 999, in this one quite a different figure kept coming up: zero.

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Well, he's no Cicero.

After this week, it's clear America may not have Rick Perry to kick around much longer.

So in the spirt of all that is ... uh ... well ... um ...

Ah, screw it - here are some of our favorite moments of Perry at the primary podium.

Savor them - while you can.

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Up till now President Obama has been shadow boxing against a phantom menace: a candidate known only as "Generic Republican." Polls have fluctuated in favor of and against the President in this fight, but now that his opponent has taken on a more defined, physical form, his chances of re-election are becoming clearer. Benjy Sarlin gets in to the details.

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Today's Campaign In 100 Seconds is um... er... Well, it deals with the subject of... ah... that guy... You know, that governor... He's just basically blown his entire campaign... Help me out here... Ah... Anyway, watch below:

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GOP Candidates gathered in the Motor City tonight for a debate focused on the economy. Engines roared as the candidates went bumper-to-bumper, but one candidate in particular suffered an embarassing stall...

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Despite trying to avoid it, Herman Cain is still in the spotlight for his sexual misconduct allegations. But, worry not, because what, to one person, might seem like sexual harassment, to another can seem like overblown victimizing by a loose woman with a political agenda. Running for president brings a lot of scrutiny, but for the "right" candidate, there will always be a home to put out your message where everything is smiles and sunshine.

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Herman Cain's sexual harassment allegations are distracting a lot of people from his greater campaign goals. So, from guarding against prospective Chinese nuclear weapons, to allowing Newt Gingrich to pick his policy positions, Evan McMorris-Santoro reviews some of the latest and greatest hits from the crazy, crazy world of Herman Cain.

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Since we heard the news that Herman Cain settled two sexual harassment cases against him, we've heard some very creative pushback from the man himself. However, a lot of Cain's answers seem primed to distract from the issue rather than address the allegations directly. So that means it's time for an episode of "Does This Affect Whether Or Not Herman Cain Sexually Harassed Two Women In The 1990s" with your host Benjy Sarlin!

How do you play the game? Contestants try to defend Herman Cain -- but be careful, don't name something that Doesn't Affect Whether Herman Cain Sexually Harassed Two Women In The 1990s! Otherwise the buzzer sounds and you lose major points.

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Clinton Postpones Trip To Charlotte

In a statement released Friday evening, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced that the Democratic nominee…