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Originally from Scotland, Michael was a freelance video editor before joining TPM in the summer of 2011. He lives in New York with his wife and two cats and is a lifelong fan of The World Famous Dundee United.

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Mitt Romney has stepped up his attacks on his political rivals lately, and a strange trend is emerging: time and again it sounds like the person Mitt Romney is attacking is... Mitt Romney.

Thomas Lane risks an identity crisis and delves deep into the mind of the GOP titan.

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All of a sudden Newt Gingrich is surging among GOP voters, and to TPM's Thomas Lane something seems eerily familiar. He was raised in Britain, you see, and he thinks there are some striking parallels between the current rise of Newt and the succession of doomed ideologues the British Tories ludicrously thought would lead them out of the political wilderness.

He tells you all about it - and in the Queen's English - below:

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Well, we all thought we'd heard the last of Donald Trump when he was laughed out of the room after President Obama knee-capped his main presidential platform by producing his much talked about birth certificate.

However, it seems that in the roller-coaster of the 2012 GOP primary, Trump has emerged as some sort of king-maker. Candidates have flocked to his side, eager to get his endorsement (or whatever else they talk about over pizza) and The Donald is even hosting his own Presidential debate.

Evan McMorris-Santoro combs his way through the story.

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Now that Herman Cain has officially "suspended" his campaign, TPM took a look back at the six months he was a presidential candidate (and even at one point, a front runner!)

Whether it was misunderstood jokes about electrified border fences ("it can kill you") or "false and unproven" allegations of sexual harassment, Cain was never a man without a message.

We'll miss you, Herman.

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Herman Cain cast the end of his campaign as being a blow to the country as well as to him. It's certainly been a blow to cable news anchors, for whom the "Cain Train" has been an absolute godsend. TPM's Michael Lester has been plugged solidly into cable TV for the past few months, and this is how the end of the line seemed to him... expressed in montage form.

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As the Iowa caucuses draw ever closer, the GOP candidates are laying it on thick with the attacks against their opponents. Ron Paul is attacking Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman is going against Mitt Romney and Rick Perry is..... sorry, that one I can't recall.

Benjy Sarlin dons his gloves and jumps in the ring...

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It's now officially "less than five weeks" until the Iowa Caucuses and with the field as wide open as ever, GOP candidates are in a mad scramble to win the recognition that comes with winning the first contest in the nation.

Evan McMorris-Santoro dips his toe in the Iowa water to see what might happen...

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We know all about the primary races that are meant to be of most importance for the GOP nomination: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida... but there is a hidden one: winning over Fox News.

After avoiding the media so studiously some joked he was in a "Mittness Protection Program," Mitt Romney sat down for an interview with Fox's Bret Baier, in a warehouse, surrounded by boxes of juice.

As the questions stacked up, Mitt cracked under the pressure and spilled over in to a day of unfavorable coverage across the cable networks. Benjy Sarlin tells us what this all means.

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This is the second consecutive election cycle featuring Texas Congressman Ron Paul and, according to his supporters, he is still being ignored by the media.

Despite record fundraising levels, some of the most vocal supporters in the race and the backing of excitable question-asker Alex Jones, Paul is yet to go above 10% in national polls.

We'd like to think that we also buck the trend when it comes to conventions, so Thomas Lane took a look at Ron Paul's stated positions and began to wonder what a Ron Paul Revolution would actually look like...

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Flip Romney and flop Mitt and you end up, inevitably, with Mitt Romney.

Critics say Mitt's a man who has built a career out of always trying to be on the politically beneficial side of an issue. But with the rise of Newt Gingrich as the new Romney-alternative, could Romney's teeter-totter position finally reach a tipping point?

Watch Benjy Sarlin make it his beeswax:

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