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Americans love to believe in the idea of the athlete recognized for his skills and rising out of poverty to be a superstar. (Let's face it, most of the time when we talk about this dream, it's male athletes that get to live it. Female athletes tend to see athletics as a path to higher education rather than wealth.) Unfortunately, that that American dream is mostly a lie.

Apparently in this bad break-up of post-election milieu, Terry McAuliffe is getting the silent treatment from Ken Cuccinelli.

Overall I think Politico has been doing a really good job of tracking congressional efforts to curb sexual assault in the military, reporting on it even as attention turned to other issues like Syria and pointing out that the military has been dragging its feet on any accountability of this issue for decades.

But man, this story today makes me lose my faith. It includes sentences like this:

Even as the problem of military sexual assault has gotten more attention, there's been no drop-off in women signing up to serve. In fact, all four branches of the military say they've hit their recruitment marks in recent years, with the number of enlisted women holding steady at roughly 15 percent.

Let's try not to express astonishment at women entering the military despite sexual assault statistics. There are many problems with this framing, but here are just a few:

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If you've ever caught yourself rolling your eyes at someone who looks too poor to be buying an iPad or other luxury goods, read this thoughtful post by Tressie McMillan Cottom that might make you think differently about that judgment.

Nothing gets a group of feminists more riled up than arguing over how to have a "feminist wedding," but it's it's the thing after the wedding -- an equal marriage -- that we should be really worried about.

Things got heated at TPM Cafe this week when Cathy Reisenwitz made the libertarian argument against criminalizing "revenge porn."

That prompted feminist writer Amanda Marcotte to weigh in against skeezy guys who respond to rejection in such a nightmarish way. And it got the attention of Mitchell J. Matorin, an attorney who's represented victims in these cases.