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Kay Steiger is an associate editor at Talking Points Memo. She formerly worked at Raw Story, Washingtonian magazine, the Center for American Progress and The American Prospect. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, the Guardian, Jezebel, AlterNet and others. She graduated from the University of Minnesota. Contact her at

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Zachary Karabell author of The Leading Indicators, points out some failures of a favorite economic indicator: "GDP goes up after natural disasters because of the rebuilding, but hurricanes, tornados, droughts and earthquakes are hardly a healthy recipe for economic growth."

Today is primary day in Texas, and Daniel Strauss has your primer of six things to watch for as the state goes to the polls.

While it seems pretty unlikely that Congress will actually go through the work of passing a real budget this year, Sahil Kapur highlights how Paul Ryan is in a bit of a bind in his role as the GOP's budget whiz kid -- even slamming anti-poverty programs and claiming they've increased the poverty rate.

Juliet S. Sorensen points out that natural disasters can be breeding grounds for corruption: "each additional $100 per capita in FEMA relief was correlated with a 102 percent increase in corruption in a state."

The GOP's greatest fear in Mississippi, Sahil Kapur reports, might just be a Democrat running for Senate who's "pro-gun, pro-life, and was endorsed by the NRA."

Nichole Perkins points out that all too many black actresses nominated for Oscars don't see the kind of career boost that other white actresses do. Can Hollywood avoid shoving aside 12 Years A Slave's Lupita Nyong’o?

Sahil Kapur reports some amazing doublespeak the GOP is doing on Social Security and Medicare.