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Kay Steiger is an associate editor at Talking Points Memo. She formerly worked at Raw Story, Washingtonian magazine, the Center for American Progress and The American Prospect. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, the Guardian, Jezebel, AlterNet and others. She graduated from the University of Minnesota. Contact her at

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It's not often that we get someone like Jonathan Gruber -- the intellectual powerhouse behind what became the Affordable Care Act -- to write for TPM, but here we are. Gruber writes with Vanderbilt School of Medicine Assistant Professor John Graves on how enrollment is far from over, and how Obamacare offers a key piece of the social safety net.

Sahil Kapur points out the hypocrisy of Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) revised budget, released today, that includes the very Medicare cuts the GOP has been campaigning against.

Today Conor P. Williams argues that in D.C., the debate over education reform is largely settled, with the four major candidates at the polls today all defending the policies of former Mayor Adrian Fenty and his Chancellor Michelle Rhee. And, he argues, this may not have happened if Fenty had won.

Take a moment to read this heartbreaking piece from Northwestern associate law professor Sheila A. Bedi in TPM Cafe today:

The little girl could not have been more than 5 years old. She was wearing a purple polka-dot dress and her hair was pulled tight into ponytails tied with purple ribbons. On her feet were sparkly shoes. Someone had taken great care to dress her and on this grey fall morning in October 2013 she was all sunshine and light.

She skipped towards the large, fortress-like building. She turned towards me and gave me a joyful smile, and said “I’m going to see my daddy today.”

And then together we walked through the doors of the Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois.

Anti-abortion advocates are posting the names, addresses and photographs of a pro-choice activist, journalist and doctor. TPM Cafe writers David S. Cohen and Krysten Connon wonder, when do we start taking this kind of harassment seriously?

Robin Marty has a great look at the infighting happening in the anti-abortion movement in Georgia, where the state affiliate of National Right to Life is so extreme it might lose its ties to the national organization.

Ouch. An email designed to tout Rep. Bruce Braley's (D-IA) farming background after getting caught dissing "farmer" Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) managed to misspell "baling" and "detasseling" -- terms that Iowa farmers should be familiar with.

For what it's worth, you can see my farmer cred in this photo.

When your Democratic candidate makes a huge mistake like dissing farmers in the state of Iowa, who do you call? Elizabeth Warren, of course.

While everyone was talking about the Hobby Lobby arguments before the Supreme Court, a lawsuit that could be the undoing of Obamacare was argued before the DC Circuit Court the same day. Sahil Kapur tells you how it could be the law's undoing.