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I just read an article in Haaretz that got me thinking again about a topic I've been mulling off and on for the better part of twenty years: namely, is part of the appeal of radical Islam tied the lack of a radical, trans-national revolutionary movement such as existed through the Cold War and in more diffuse respects for decades before that? The article itself is about the fact that a very high proportion of the 'foreign fighters' in ISIS and in other rebel groups in Syria/Iraq are ethnic European converts. In other words, not first or second generation naturalized immigrants from the MENA region or Central or South Asia, but white Britons, Germans, French and Belgians who've not only converted to Islam but into its most extreme, totalizing variant. In some cases, men (yes, largely men) who have little more than a passing knowledge of the basics of Islamic ritual practice.

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Jon Stewart tackles Congress's 'Sh*tty Sexism'. Watch.

"I actually think of the irony as a virtue. This is the age of Colbert. So hacking the super PAC to end the super PAC is a completely viable and obvious strategy that everybody is happy to get behind." Lawrence Lessig on his plan to raise $700 million for a PAC to end SuperPacs. And for all the freedom to spend without limit bequeathed by the Supreme Court, what about the great majority of billionaires who don't donate any more to campaigns that your average small town doctor?

The latest details of the horrific accident with the 9 year old and the Uzi almost perfectly captures the term 'tragicomic'. Not surprisingly, after the shooting, the 9 year old complained that the gun was too powerful for her and complained to her parents of shoulder pain. Her parents were so focused on her apparent injury that they did not at first notice that instructor Charles Vacca was lying on the ground with a mortal wound to the head.

Journalist roughed up and removed from Georgia GOP campaign event. Watch.

Jon Stewart on whether he's a "self-hating Jew" ...

“Look, there’s a lot of reasons why I hate myself — being Jewish isn’t one of them,” Stewart told the reporter. “So when someone starts throwing that around, or throwing around you’re pro-terrorist, it’s more just disappointing than anything else. I’ve made a living for 16 years criticizing certain policies that I think are not good for America. That doesn’t make me anti-American. And if I do the same with Israel, that doesn’t make me anti-Israel. You cannot outsmart dogma, no matter what you do. If there is something constructive in what they’re saying, hopefully I’m still open enough … to take it in and let it further inform my position. But I’m pretty impermeable to yelling. As soon as they go to, ‘Your real name is Leibowitz!’ that’s when I change the channel.”

I am going on vacation. I will see you in September. I leave you with these good TPM people.