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Yesterday afternoon, I asked Louisiana native David Kurtz if I was right that the upstate 5th District, in terms of progressive values and good governance, was basically the Louisiana of Louisiana. He acceded to this characterization. And now we get some taste of why.

Clearly, freshman Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA) was snogging with a member of his staff. And no one forced him to do that. (Not to worry, the woman in question has now been fired - so I guess that settles that.) But from the start yesterday, given where the video surfaced, it looked a lot like the local Republican establishment taking the opportunity to take McAllister out.

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There have to be 500 jokes possible about this deal. About 350 of them really bad. About 75 wildly Anti-Semitic. But let's just put it out there. Bain Capital is buying up all the Matzo. WTF, right?

Okay, not all the matzoh. But pretty much all the matzo. If you're a member of the Hebrew tribe living in America you know that Manischewitz (nice Polish name) pretty much makes all the matzo. And most of the gefilte fish (rare treat) and even manages to make some seriously unfortunate wine. And now it's all owned by the private equity spawn of Mitt Romney. (Unhelpful disclaimer: Mitt no longer runs Bain.)

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Vance McAllister (R-LA) is the freshman Rep caught in that grainy surveillance camera video smooching a member of his staff. According to an interview in the local paper, McAllister says he plans to run for reelection this November “unless there is an outcry for me not to serve, and so far there has been an outpouring of support, not for my actions, but for me to continue to represent the people."

But this part caught my attention ...

The video, which came from a surveillance camera at the congressman’s Monroe district office, shows McAllister in an embrace and passionate kiss with one of his staff.

The former staffer who McAllister is with in the video is Melissa Anne Hixon Peacock, 33, of Sterlington.

Adam Terry, McAllister’s chief of staff, said Peacock was taken off of the payroll during the past 24 hours.

Good lord. I don't think the NTSB would approve. But if we could get big government off our backs we could perhaps get roads like this one in the Himalaya mountains. Not for the faint of heart video after the jump ...

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With Sahil Kapur's piece today on Republican fears that Obamacare might actually succeed, I wanted to focus everyone's attention on the seminal 'Kristol Memo' from 1993, a document that shaped the successful effort to block health care reform in 1994 and, I believe, played a largely unheralded and pivotal role shaping the DC GOP in the last 20 years. You can read the actual memo here; and I strongly recommend that you do. The gist of Kristol's prescription was massive resistance: no haggling or negotiating, as might have been the Bob Dole approach. Just no. No negotiation, no bill, no acceptance that there was such a thing as a crisis in care.

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