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To commemorate Rep. Mo Brooks' (R-AL) inauguration of the official "War on Whites" - which might be better termed the "War on Christmas" finally coming out of the closet and just letting it all hang out - definitely check out the #waronwhites hashtag on Twitter. It would be entertaining enough for the snark that goes back for the last few hours, presumably kicked off by Brooks' comments. But once you get a day or so back it's racist morons lamenting the impending white genocide. Sort of like two very, very different groups of people having parties within ear shot of each other. For now at least the progressive snarks have totally taken over the feed.

There's some worrisome news that a patient is being quarantined and tested for Ebola in a New York City hospital today. But the really stunning news is much more possible. Faced with the probable rapid death of two American doctors who'd become infected with Ebola while treating patients in Liberia, US authorities made the extraordinary decision to offer an experimental drug that had never been tested on humans and and only had very limited testing on monkeys.

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For two years you've been asking, nagging, begging and haranguing us about when we'll finally create an Android version of the TPM PollTracker. I won't rehearse all the excuses, pushback, heartbreaking phone calls and the rest. But now it's arrived. Late last week we pushed the Android version of PollTracker mobile live in the Google AppStore, which I know they insist on calling Google Play.

If you're not familiar with PollTracker, it's TPM's award-winning poll aggregation service, which delivered the most accurate predictions of the 2012 races of any of the top three poll aggregators. It's also the only poll aggregator mobile app available. And it has this killer feature: follow any federal or governors race in the country and you'll be notified in real time every time a new poll is released for that race.

It's free and you can download it here.

We've also released a completely rebuilt and dramatically faster version of the iOS version of PollTracker mobile, which also went live late last week. Download it here.

The title of this post is straightforward enough. Read J.J. Goldberg if you're interested in getting a sane, detailed and reported look at what's happening in Israel-Palestine. J.J. is the former editor of and now editor-at-large and columnist for The Forward, a Jewish-American paper that has existed in various forms for more than a century. (For most of its history The Forward was published in Yiddish.) Some of you will say, Well, that's hardly going to give me an unbiased or disinterested read on what's happening. And that's true as far as it goes. I don't want to speak for him. But J.J. writes from what is essentially a two-state, liberal Zionist perspective, which, yes, is one I share.

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For the last two years, I've been taking teams from our New York office for off-sites on the Long Island Sound. No fancy team building gurus or exercises - no need for any discussion of work at all. Just a day together, outside of the work, to get to know each other better, relax, so we can bring some of that team energy and renewed personal rapport back to the office and our work at TPM.

We held one of these last week with our Publishing team. And for whatever reason we got to talking about what is the best American band.

It turns out it's kind of deceptively complicated question. Or at least that's what we decided.

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Let me speak entirely for myself for a moment. The Israelis and Palestinians, under various names, have been in an unending battle for a century, arguably longer. There is so much history, such ingrained competing narratives, so much emotion, such a hate-drenched interlocking of two victimized peoples that I find it very hard to point to any one person and say: Yes, this person says what I would say. I agree with that. But for me here's that person: Amos Oz, speaking here in an interview with Deutsche Welle.