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This one is from TPM Reader EW about his circle of white male millennial friends and Trump. A lot to consider here.

I read this thread about the unsolicited violence we are starting to see in ordinary life as a consequence of this election. I wanted to add another anecdote that ties with this, not because it's one about violence, but because it's about those enabling the violence, which in my mind, is far worse.

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As part of putting together and writing my Trump book, I've been going back through the seemingly limitless number of posts I've written about him over the last eighteen months. And what's jumped out at me today is how longstanding the feud with Paul Ryan is.

It's blown up into a major story a few times. But it's been a recurrent feature of the campaign going back almost to the beginning. Obviously Trump had his feuds with Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (almost everyone up on the debate stage at some point or other). But while the intensity and crudeness of Trump's primary battles was notable, we expect primary candidates to fight and feud. After all, only one candidate can win. It's all zero sum in the final analysis.

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I don't know how to describe this email from TPM Reader DC other than to say it's deeply disturbing and you should read it.

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I've been wanting to discuss this. But so much has been happening it keeps getting pushed back to the next day or the next post. Quite simply, everybody needs to be paying close attention to what happens on November 9th.

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The Trump book manuscript is taking shape. Everyone who joins Prime on or before November 21st will receive the special edition of my new book about Trump and Trumpism in late November in advance of the public release in December. As you can see by days like today, there's a good bit still be written and I can't say I know how the story ends. In fact, I guess there's an outside chance that if Trump is elected, TPM may be shut down in the first wave of Trumpite news organization closures. But assuming that's not the case, if you're not already a member, please take a moment to sign up now. You'll be glad you did.

So this happened on CNN ... (good work, everyone)

“AMANPOUR: Can I just try one last question? One last question. A bit cheeky but I'm going to ask you. Russia had its own Pussy Riot moment. What do you think of Donald Trump’s pussy riot moment?

RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTER LAVROV: Well, I don't know what this would… English is not my mother tongue, I don't know if I would sound decent. There are so many pussies around the presidential campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment on this.”

John Podesta says he has what he calls "circumstantial" evidence that top Trump advisor Roger Stone had advance word of the hacking his email. But he points to a late August tweet that does seem like Stone had advance word that Podesta was the next target of an attack. Remember, Stone has already said - true or not - that he is in communication with Julian Assange. Wikileaks is the go-to distribution hub for emails stolen by Russian security services. Why the tweet.

I suspect we're about to see a lot more of this. Trump supporter Todd Warnken, 55, was asked to leave a ShopRite in Albany for "being disruptive inside." On the way out he encountered a black woman waiting for a taxi. He called her a racial slur and threatened to attack her: "Trump is going to win and if you don't like it I'm going to beat your ass," he yelled, according to Smith."

It's October 12 and the PollTracker Average stands at Clinton 48.1%, Trump 39.7, a 8.4 percentage point spread.

The TPM Electoral Scoreboard stands at Clinton 341, Trump 186. Only Arizona is in the Toss Up category.

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