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From our on-going series, TPM Reader JC is "fine" with Hillary ...

So a little background about me: I'm a 24 year old daughter of Haitian immigrants, born in Rhode Island and raised in Florida. I'm not religious. I have a full-time job with great benefits, health insurance, a decent education from UF that helped me get a job I love in the field I studied. Life is pretty decent. Or at least a bit better than some other semi-recent college graduates that I know or read about. (Also, I'd be interested in knowing the demographic deets of other TPM readers, they seem like a surprisingly diverse bunch...possible future article?)

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New Poll: Christie approval rating "lowest ever," down to 38%.

Can we finally agree that even if he thinks he's running, Chris Christie is, shall we say, objectively not running for President. Blue state governors with terrible approval ratings with various scandals surrounding them simply are not credible presidential contenders in a GOP primary.

This morning we have an example of one of the more curious oddities and inanities of the New York media ecosystem. The New York Post is reporting - or one of its premier columnists is - that Mayor Bill de Blasio is plotting to enter the 2016 presidential race as the left alternative to Hillary Clinton. This is almost certainly intentionally made up nonsense for the purpose of lampooning de Blasio and generating adverse stories for Clinton as well.

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Five of the six police officers in Parma, Missouri have resigned citing "safety concerns", shortly after the town's first female African-American Mayor was sworn in last Tuesday. The previous Mayor, Randall Ramsey, had served as mayor for a total of 37 years.

Over the weekend I asked readers to tell me where they are on Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Are you ready? Are you enthusiastic? Have you been waiting for eight years?

We've already gotten a huge number of responses. As you can imagine, they run the gamut of opinions. More interesting to me though is that some pretty clear themes have already emerged - ones that on balance seem favorable to Clinton's candidacy relative to 2008. I published a couple here over the weekend from Obama supporters whose experience of the Obama presidency has made them more supportive of Hillary's candidacy this time. Others have focused on Hillary's serving in Obama's administration and mobilizing her supporters on his behalf. I'll be publishing more today. Keep your emails coming.

We've gotten a ton of great responses to my weekend question about whether or not readers are ready for a Hillary Clinton candidacy, whether they're supporting her, how enthusiastically, etc. They've run the gamut. And I'm going to be publishing a bunch of them. But this email from TPM Reader AC brings out an issue that is either implicit or referenced in many of the emails you've sent in: namely, how support for Hillary is shaped by the intense and close-fought 2008 primary battle and Hillary's loyalty and work for Obama after her defeat.

From AC ...

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Survivors say there were as many as 700 people on board a migrant ship from Libya which sank on the way to Italy. Only a couple dozen survivors have been recovered so far.

This Spring we're running a five part series on the rapid growth of renewable energy over the last five years. It's a fascinating story and one I at least was not fully aware. Here's installment one and two of the series and installment three is coming soon. These articles and projects are part of our TPMPrime membership program. This kind of work can't get done without your membership and support. Signing up not only gets you a lot of added benefits at TPM (fewer ads, more stories, features) and access to these stories, it also makes it possible for us to fund these efforts. If you're not a members, sign up now. It's just 14 cents a day. And it's a critical part of keeping TPM healthy, vital and growing.

The FBI and the DOJ, working with the Innocence Project and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is formally acknowledging that nearly all of the hair match evidence testimony its experts provided from the middle 1970s through the year 2000 was flawed and significantly overstated the likelihood of a match.

From the Post ...

Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far ...

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Natan Sharansky has an oped today in the Washington Post (exactly where you'd expect it). And reading it, crazy as this must sound, it's clear that Sharansky needs something of a refresher course in what actually happened during the Cold War. The premise of his argument is that in its dealings with Iran America has lost the moral clarity and confidence that it had during the Cold War - and apparently more or less consistently until President Obama came into office.

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