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A Note from TPM Reader JS and my response ...

I am by my nature an optimist. But what in the past few years in the region has given you any basis to believe in the rosy outcome for the West Bank were Israel to withdraw its forces?

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Now from TPM Reader JA ...

I must take exception to the line of comments from those who claim to be Jews who blame the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere solely on Israel, and prefer to disassociate with Israel and Zionism rather than engage it and support the many Israelis who both love their country and seek to change the current political leadership.

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You'll want to slap yourself if you don't watch this video. Doofus congressional candidate tells how he saw the fear in the eyes of the migrant child being bused to a nearby shelter in on-going border crisis. Then confronted with the fact that they were local kids going to the YMCA.

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Six weeks ago we started a membership drive for TPM Prime. Our goal, to sign up 2000 new subscribers. And we did it. Or rather, you did it. As of this afternoon, the last day of our drive, we're at 2046 new subscribers. I want to personally thank everyone who signed up, who decided to join us. So thank you and thank you on behalf of our whole organization. There's still a few hours left for us to run up the numbers. So if you want to join in, click right here. And again, thank you. You've bought into a premium TPM experience with much more of it to come. And you've helped keep TPM vital and growing. Thank you.

TPM Reader BF fears Israel is endangering Jews worldwide ...

I need to add to the comments you posted from ES. He missed the major implication.

Let me note that I write as an assimilated Jew of French extraction. I have always had sympathy for Israel, seeing it, at the very least as a final refuge should circumstances bring anti-semitism back to the forefront in the West.

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TPM Reader ES follows up on his note from last week in which he washed his hands of Israel and Zionism ...

To add to the discussion on Zionism/Judaism:

There was a demonstration in Paris on Sunday, in support of the Palestinian people. People walked from Place de la Republique to the Place de la Bastille, about fifteen to twenty thousand of them. After the official end of the demonstration, a group of protestors took it upon themselves to march on a synagogue - as the place de la Bastille is at the tip of what could be loosely called Paris' Jewish quarter.

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