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“The decision to bring assault weapons to the mosque demonstrates intent to create a hostile environment to intimidate worshipers, a clear attempt to infringe on the First Amendment rights of the worshipers."

Two Muslim congressmen ask AG Loretta Lynch to investigate an armed anti-Muslim demonstration outside a mosque in Arizona.

It seems the US Attorney also wants to know what happened to the interview notes and other work product generated by the self-exonerating 'report' Gov Christie hired an outside law firm to produce on 'Bridgegate'. Did the outside law firm destroy the records? That's a big no-no. If you already read our piece on this new dimension of the Bridgegate saga click here and scan to the bottom to see this latest update.

Michigan wingnuts get Obama military takeover envy and the results ain't pretty. Watch.

Conservative hardliners in the House are starting to budge on enacting a 'fix' if the Supreme Court nixes Obamacare subsidies in most states. But the 'fix' would be to push the cut off out past the 2016 election.

I'm chagrined I didn't know about this earlier. But it is another amazing development out of the fun-house world of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), the progenitor of anti-immigrant laws around the country but most known as perhaps the biggest charlatan in the on-going war on voting which goes under the heading of anti-'voter fraud' activism. And, Good Lord, is it a high bar. Generally, someone in a position like Kobach occupies must make a referral to a prosecutor if they believe they have evidence of a crime like voter fraud. But apparently even in Kansas, where he should have a friendly audience among local prosecutors, he can't find anyone to indict people over his bogus claims and witch hunts. So he's got a solution. He's got a new law passed which in addition amping up a bunch of criminal statutes gives him as Secretary State the ability to prosecute supposed offenders on his own. (The law is currently on the governor's desk.) In other words, he no longer has to convince actual prosecutors that a crime has been committed. He can just prosecute anyone he wants. Here's the story.