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As you know, we now have a roiling, renewed debate over whether a mix of Russian hacking and James Comey’s final week intervention in the November election shifted the balance in Donald Trump’s favor. Even more, it’s a public debate over whether Hillary Clinton should keep claiming this is so or just, in one side’s view, own up to her failed campaign and stop making excuses. Plenty of others have argued this case on the merits, particularly Nate Silver looking at Comey’s intervention and its effect on polls in the final week of the campaign. Others have delved into psychological analyses.

But I want to make a different point.

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Yesterday stories appeared from The Washington Post and The Associated Press each describing new revelations about disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The two stories have slightly different emphases and appear to rely on slightly different sourcing. But the gist of the story is the same: During the Trump transition and indeed even before Flynn’s late December calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak which led to his forced resignation, Trump Transition officials were concerned about the extent of Flynn’s contacts with Russian officials.

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At a town hall on Friday morning, Rep Raul Labrador (R-ID) told those challenging his support for Trumpcare (the AHCA): “That line is so indefensible. Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.”

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In Ivanka Trump’s new book,  Women Who Work she uses a Toni Morrison quote about overcoming the psychic toll of slavery to illustrate a point about time management. Really. “Are you a slave to your time or the master of it?”

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I wanted to thank everyone who wrote in about my piece on the future of digital publishing, subscriptions and TPM. Obviously, we love it when people subscribe. If you haven’t, please sign up right now! But in addition to subscribing, it’s a great boon to me and our whole organization to hear from you about these issues that are so central to what we do, the kind of ever-evolving organization we’re trying to build. 

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It was a big day yesterday. Against the expectations of many, House Republicans were able to come back from a demoralizing defeat in March and pass a slightly revised version of their “American Health Care Act.” That is to say, repeal Obamcare and replace it with Trumpcare. After passing it with 217 votes, they partied, bigly.  Here’s a collection of photographs of the good times, annotated with the number of people who will lose their health care coverage in each representative’s district.

Click the “read more” link to see the full story where the photos are large enough to easily read the annotations.

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This is both an homage and a literal repetition of what Republicans did when the Clinton tax bill passed in the House in 1993. Same singing, same song. The bill paved the way for budget balancing over the course of the decade and (more arguably) played a role in creating the prosperity of that decade. It also came little more than a year before Democratic majorities in both Houses were annihilated in the 1994 midterm.

David has the basic overview below of what is coming today. I wanted to add a few more points about what to expect and just as, or perhaps more, importantly what you can do now.

First, this should remind us of what I’ve previously called the Iron Law of Republican Politics. That is, the ‘GOP moderates’ will always cave. I learned this law back in 1998-99 during the impeachment drama. Lots of Republicans thought impeachment was insanity. They warned against it. Said it shouldn’t happen. Said it would be a disaster. Every Republican in the House but four ended up voting for it.

That’s the Iron Law: the ‘GOP moderates’ will always cave.

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