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Editor who green-lighted Obama watermelon cartoon says it was "the dumbest thing I've ever done."

For years there was a constant refrain in American politics which would speak of two electorates, even two elections: election results among white people and then the results when you counted the votes of black people. There were more denigrating and racist versions of this talk. But the most revealing were the versions that weren't consciously racist at all. They were at their peak of popularity in the 80s and 90s and went something like this: "Democrats haven't won the white vote in decades. Without blacks, they'd barely be holding on as a national party."

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Stewart: 'How The F**k' Is Michael Grimm Still Winning His Race?' Watch.

A second health care worker who treated Thomas Eric Duncan has tested positive for Ebola.

It seems increasingly hard to believe there weren't some major breakdowns in safety procedures at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

There's a horrific story out tonight about Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist, blogger and gaming critic, who has pulled out a speech she was going to give at Utah State University after an emailer threatened a "Montreal Massacre style attack" if her speech wasn't canceled. To get a feel for the sort of character we're talking about, the anonymous emailer - purportedly a student at the University - said “feminists have ruined my life and I will have my revenge, for my sake and the sake of all the others they've wronged."

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For anyone who's had their eyes open, the fact that the only substantial effect of Voter ID laws is to restrict voting by minorities, the young and the poor has been clear for a very long time. But now even many of those who at first bought into the concept are seeing the reality. Last week, Judge Richard Posner, one of the most esteemed and conservative judges on the federal bench, wrote an opinion that amounted to a scathing denunciation of voter ID laws and the simple fact they not only restrict voting by minorities and the poor but that they do so by design. Posner's fury on the matter is heightened by the fact that he originally bought into the vote suppressors' main arguments and wrote one of the key opinions that helped open the floodgates for these laws around the country. We've picked out some of fieriest quotes from Judge Posner's opinion. It's really a must read. And if you have the time, Posner's opinion itself.