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Or maybe not. Ben Smith and I were on a panel a couple weeks ago at a conference about content moderation, the press, the 1st amendment, yada yada. The conference was organized by TPM alum and now law professor big shot Kate Klonick. The panel was moderated by Jack Balkin of Yale Law School. Video of the panel after the jump …

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There are now three states in which the total “early vote” is larger than the entire vote (early and election day) in 2014. Those states are Texas, Nevada and Arizona.

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow night. We’ll be hosting live election results for every congressional race, gubernatorial race and major referendum and proposition across the country. We’ll also be bringing you all the latest news, commentary, video of key moments and all the rest. We’re going to leave everything on the field bringing you coverage of the most important mid-term elections of our lifetimes. Join us.

I’ve been waiting so long for this. You’ll remember that one of the big scammers in the US Attorney firing scandal, which was really a voter suppression scandal, was a guy named Bradley Schlozman, a character who was just as democracy-malevolent as Hans von Spakovsky and J. Christian Adams but somehow outdid them both in pure hapless gooberism. Well he’s back, as the lawyer representing the official trying to find ways to make it hard to vote in Dodge City, Kansas. John Light has our full Schloz report and retrospective (sub req) here.

If you really need an additional Schlozman fix watch this video of Sen. Leahy slapping Bradley around in congressional testimony in 2007. Video after the jump …

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This is an ad (“Like a Girl”) for MJ Hegar who’s running against Rep. John Carter (R-TX). I’m not sure whether it’s getting a heavy run on TV. But Hegar has massively out-raised Carter. So I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be. Cook rates this a “Likely Republican” district, so well on the outer margin of the possible for a Democrat. As far as I can tell though it hasn’t been polled.

Ad after the jump …

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From TPM Reader AC in Georgia …

You are undoubtedly getting a massive number of emails from across the country, and especially the most contested races. I thought I’d throw in a few cents, fwiw.

We live in John Lewis’s City of Atlanta district, but we’ve been canvassing heavily in the burbs — GA-6 and GA-7, both competitive House races in increasingly Asian and Latinx communities (Gwinnett County), as well as the southern suburbs of Clayton County, which are majority African American. Much of this organizing has been done through the Working Families Party (which you no doubt know from NY politics, and is trying to build a base in the South) and the New Georgia Project (founded by Stacey Abrams herself as the sort of ACORN-ish nemesis of the GOP vote-suppressing crowd).

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A brief note on reader reports I have and will be publishing. In the nature of things some of them will be very rah-rah. That’s natural for people heavily involved in organizing in the final days of a campaign. That’s just as it should be. Do not assume by what I publish that I’m validating anyone’s predictions, positive or negative, implicit or explicit. My interest is getting reports from people who are in the nuts and bolts of get out the vote and organization- and capacity-building.

Another bullet point list of late updates.

First: All the big pollsters come out with final national soundings on Sunday or Monday before an election. We now have most of them. As I noted yesterday we had two premium polls yesterday morning and they were okay for Democrats but in my mind much too close for comfort: ABC/WAPO (8 point margin) NBC/WSJ (7 point margin). We now have a bunch more. CNN’s poll shows a 13 point margin. A number of others show results ranging from 11 to 9 to 3 to 15. The upshot of all of these – if not a pure average since they’re pollsters of varying qualities – is about where we’ve been, a high single point advantage for the Dems.

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