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As I write this Trump book I've been discussing, I've been going back over notes, posts and thinking a bit more deeply about various topics I write about here on an on-going basis. One of those topics is the shrinking electoral base of the Republican party.

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We needed will.i.am to make a "grab'em by the pussy" election song and video. Or maybe we didn't. But he has. And it's fairly glorious. And you can see it after the jump.

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Since there's been such an avalanche of campaign news today we've kept the feature well open for breaking news. But I wanted to tell you about this fascinating article we just published today in The Arch about the historical origins of the progressive tradition in North Carolina and how it's tied to the University of North Carolina system and a man named Frank Porter Graham. It's a great read and an illuminating backstory to the election battle over this critical state. Check it out.

So the Trump campaign has put forward a British man who says he was on the plane in the first class cabin on the flight on which Jessica Leeds claims Donald Trump groped her. He is the campaign's evidence that Leeds is lying because the man says Trump didn't do anything. The man's name is Anthony Gilberthorpe. He's 54. So he is claiming to remember an uneventful flight more than 35 years ago when he was in his late teens.

And there's something else: Gilberthorpe has a record of outlandish claims and taking cash from tabloids to set people up. Yes, really. He's the Trump campaign's official pushback. Here's the story.

We coming out on a key milestone in our drive to build our Prime membership subscriber base. We're currently at 14,884 subscribers. We'd like to get to 15,000 today. I'll be telling you more about this soon. But building our Prime membership is a critical part of the pivot we are going to make to expanding our original reporting capacity in the coming year. If you believe in what we do and want to be part of allowing us to do more of it, take a moment right now and join us. I set this post aside and now as I'm finishing it we're at 14,888. We can get to 15,000 today, which is amazing. We can totally do this! Click here. Thank you.

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