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On MSNBC last night a bunch of really smart guys were saying how Trump would and must be outraged at how a staffer/speech writer on his campaign let his wife down, embarrassed her on a global stage. That person would immediately be fired. I thought to myself at the time: what campaign have they been watching? There's nothing we have seen about this enterprise that makes that outcome remotely likely. Far more likely: deny, deny, deny and attack, attack, attack.

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A significant chunk of Melania Trump's speech was lifted from Michelle Obama's convention speech in 2008. Check it out.

Anthony Sabato, the soap star who was one of the evening's major speakers, later told ABC news that President Obama is a Muslim who was raised in the Middle East. Watch.

Ever since the late and great Molly Ivins quipped that she thought Pat Buchanan's speech at the 1992 GOP convention sounded better in the original German it's been sort of a parlor trick to compare a 'hot' Republican speech to one from this or that fascist dictator. But this speech was really febrile and unhinged. Setting aside the content, consider the wild hand gestures, frequent screaming, the agitated and febrile manner. It was disturbing but also brought together all the themes of violence, death, betrayal and rage that shaped the evening.

It's like Giuliani has spent the last fifteen years living together with 9/11 in a two bedroom apartment of his mind. It's a dark picture. He's lost his balance and maybe his mind.

The last year for which full FBI statistics on the national murder rate are available is 2014.

The first half statistics for 2015 show a small upturn. But this has happened more than half a dozen times in the last 20 years in the course of the overall fall of the murder rate.

It's important to note during Sheriff Clarke's speech that in fact crime of all sorts is at its lowest levels in almost half a century.

Let's just say it: the theme of tonight's program is death and devastating loss caused by national outsiders and made possible by the betrayals of political enemies.