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John Kerry brings James Taylor to France to sing "You've Got a Friend" to stricken French. Watch.

Must read on the sheer depth of nonsense behind the new court case to sink Obamacare. CBO ran the numbers 68 times on the law and not once did they consider the nonsensical idea that people in states that didn't set up their own exchange wouldn't get subsidies - which is supposedly what people were trying to do when they wrote the law.

Fascinating but also horrible. If the Supreme Court decides to go full corruption and invalidate Obamacare subsidies in most of the country on the flimsiest on arguments, the head of Aetna is now talking about a "Grand Bargain" to pick up the pieces.

Earlier I noted the new Quinnipiac Poll that showed that while New Yorkers give solid approval numbers to the NYPD, they roundly oppose the campaign of public back-turning and the police refusal to enforce all but the most serious laws in the weeks since the execution style killing of two NYPD patrolmen. What also emerged in the poll is public anger that Patrick Lynch, President of the Police Benevolent Association has managed to make the public face of an asshole into the public face of the NYPD. And now there are signs of rising opposition to Lynch within the union itself. A raucous union meeting at Antun's catering hall in Queens Village on Tuesday night broke down into a melee of pushing and shoving and screaming involving some 100 police officers angry Lynch's leadership of the union. The yelling and screaming and shoving went on for about ten minutes, according to the Daily News, before Lynch walked out.

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The verdict is in: New Yorkers really don't like Pat Lynch and they really, really don't like cops turning their backs on the Mayor at police funerals.

I've written a number of pieces recently on the war between the NYPD - or at least major elements of it - and Mayor de Blasio. As I've written, my major question has been, where do New Yorkers fit in? Now we have New Yorkers verdict - a new poll out from Quinnipiac. And New Yorkers have a resoundingly negative verdict on the back turning and the general behavior of the NYPD leadership over recent weeks.

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Through all the disagreements that define our politics, it is seldom questioned that Tea Party type conservatives are really, really devoted to the Constitution. They are, 'Constitutional Conservatives', as they put it. Indeed, many mainstream Republicans and Democrats will only criticize these folks by saying that their inflexible devotion to the Constitution is simply outdated or unworkable in the context of the changes that have happened in the United States over the last 225 years. The core premise is seldom questioned.

But this - sadly or happily, depending on your point of view, but certainly hilariously - is completely wrong. In fact, though many, many things have changed to make the politics of today almost impossible to relate to the politics of the very late 18th century, one of the main aims of the authors of the Constitution was to bring to heel the kind of folks who now call themselves 'constitutional conservatives'. Let's call this the Rand Paul Delusion.

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