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So who is Tom Cotton exactly? His resume is admittedly impressive. MoJo says here that his win last November was a big win for the neocons who have been semi-eclipsed (but they never go away) during the Obama era. That's true. But I think it goes a bit beyond that.

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I wanted to give you a brief update on the Israeli election, which is coming up on March 17th. The poll of polls maintained by Haaretz now shows Likud and Zionist Camp/Labor tied at 23 seats. Their count tends to run behind a day or so, but there's been a flurry of new polls. I don't have enough of a sense of the comparative merits of the difference in pollsters to be able to sift beneath that topline number.

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A Republican aide was on the phone with late Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich just before he killed himself. He told her about his outrage over a whispering campaign about his religion, threatened to kill himself and then handed the phone to his wife. Seconds later, Schweich's wife Kathy said, "He shot himself!"