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The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza has a short piece out today throwing cold water on the idea that there's really going to be a 'Trump TV' after the 2016 election. My take is that I largely agree with Ryan.

Trump TV has always been a sort of Trump's Razor test case or ultimate example. Could it really be so ridiculous as the whole campaign was just a vehicle to launch a low-information TV news and propaganda channel? Everything is ultimately a grift for Trump. So it's totally plausible. Trump's Razor suggests that Trump TV is not only possible but probable. Indeed, the news out today suggests that Trump's mini-me and campaign general Jared Kusher (Ivanka's husband) has been talking to possible financial backers.

But here's why it's probably a dubious proposition.

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If your eyes are popping out at what seems like a dramatic contraction in the spread between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the PollTracker Average, well, yeah, me too. So let me try to explain.

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This attack on a GOP campaign office in North Carolina is a very serious situation. Any kind of election related violence is always serious. But it is especially so in a campaign which has already seen more incitement and incendiary than in almost half a century and arguably much longer. Predictably, Donald Trump has publicly blamed Hillary Clinton and cited the attack as a reason that "now we have to win." In other words, Trump is now arguing that victory is either necessary as payback for the fire or that victory is necessary to defend supporters against future attacks.

The ATF is involved in the investigation. I think it is wise not to make too many assumptions about the intentions or identity of the arsonist. On its face, the attack looks like it is anti-Republican in nature. But recent elections have also witnessed a number of incidents, either attempted or otherwise in which supporters of one party carried out attacks either on themselves or their own partisans in an effort to tarnish the other party. In other words, false flag attacks, usually of an extremely clumsy and quickly discovered nature. Lots of places have surveillance cameras these days. I don't say this is likely, only that it is a real possibility based on recent history. With federal law enforcement involved there's a good chance we'll know more soon.

GOP headquarters in Orange County, NC firebombed.

Here's one topic I've been thinking about and which we're going to be talking about next week. Where do state laws on voter suppression and open-carry intersect with federal laws on voter intimidation and voting rights?

You saw this incident last week where two Trumpers stood outside a Democratic campaign office in Virginia for twelve hours holding firearms. This was obviously menacing behavior. And this takes on a new dimension, both substantively and in terms of federal law, when it's tied to elections. But it was also completely legal under state firearms laws.

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I got nuthin'.

I was just reading through my email and TPM Reader MMD sent me a couple Dylan videos that I don't think I'd ever seen before, along with touching on some topics we'd both remember as kids growing up in Southern California in the 1980s.

I'm sort of surprised that I'd never seen these videos before because not only am I a big Dylan fan (which you know) but I'm also a big, big Letterman fan. Or at least I was in his early years. I was really into Letterman from the very beginning. In fact, before he got the late night show he had some kind of morning or daytime show that I vaguely remember watching too.

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