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I’ve seen several complaints this morning that the news media has failed to hold President Trump to account for the multiple allegations against him ranging from inappropriate touching to assault and rape. I think this is wrong. We’ve seen a clear pattern playing out in all the allegations about sexual misconduct and the firings, resignations and apologies which have followed in their wake. The consequences track entirely to the constituency – either political, commercial or corporate – the accused serves and depend on.

If the constituency doesn’t care, the accused will be fine. 

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This may not be surprising. Or it’s not out of the blue. But it’s worth taking stock of the recent round of stories about disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and what those stories collectively tell us.

We’ve known since during the campaign, indeed even before he joined Donald Trump’s campaign, that Flynn had attended a high profile Moscow gala in December 2015 seated next to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That’s not against the law though. Nor is it even inherently improper. We didn’t know at the time he had failed to properly notify the Pentagon of his activities or about money he had been paid – a general officer has continued such responsibilities to the Department of Defense after they retire. In any case, while there have been reasons to doubt the totality of what Flynn was up to, what he was actually caught doing seemed mainly to be a matter of not declaring things or making FARA filings about things he would be entitled to do if he had.

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The first post-Thanksgiving poll is out and Roy Moore (49%) is up over Doug Jones (44%) by 5 points. That’s an eight point move in Moore’s favor since the same pollster surveyed two weeks ago. At least on the basis of this pollster’s last three polls, it suggests Moore has recovered to his pre-scandal support levels.

The pollster in question is not a terribly well-known pollster. But we do have three polls that cover the period before and after the scandal. So the general trend is clear and revealing.

DeKalb county campaign coordinator for Roy Moore attacks a credentialed reporter at a campaign event he himself organized.

According to the in-state reporter who apparently shot the video the man accosting the cameraman is Tony Goolsby, DeKalb County coordinator for the Moore campaign, the organizer of the rally.

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As we watch the drama over the who gets to run the CFPB, let me note an issue of language.

Virtually every mention of the agency I’ve heard today refers to it as a “consumer watchdog agency”. That’s a reasonable definition. But it’s not a clear one, certainly not one that is clear in any political context. Let me suggest that “consumer” is not the important part of the name. Any Democrat should be saying the CFPB an agency to protect consumers from Wall Street banks. That is what it is. It’s meant to be a watchdog to monitor financial services institutions to protect consumers and insure that those financial services companies follow the law. ‘Consumer watchdog’ sounds soft and fuddyduddy-like. It just does.

Over the long weekend, I took a flyer on a lot of my normal writing, spent time with my family and collected notes on something I’m writing about U.S. Grant and the nature of writing. I saved up a number of articles I wanted to pore over and mine for new information about the Russia probe when the weekend was over. Here are the articles on my reading list today in Josh’s Reading List #7 (sub req).