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I want to back up for a moment and put together what we know as of now about this mass shooting in Charlestown, along with the context which can be lost in the rat-tat-tat of on-going updates.

At about 9 PM this evening a 21-year-old white man, slender and clean shaven, entered the oldest black congregation south of Baltimore and opened fire on parishioners, shooting nine people. Police have now said there were "multiple" fatalities but have released no more details.

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Police have a manhunt underway for a 21-year-old white man who allegedly entered the historic Emanuel AME Church and opened fire on parishioners. There are apparently multiple gunshot victims but no confirmed word on the number of victims or the severity of injuries. The church is an historic black church which traces its history back to 1816.

Late Update: The Post and Courier cites "unconfirmed reports" of eight people shot with "serious injuries."

Late Update 11:59 PM: The Post and Courier is now reporting more definitively nine people shot with an unspecified number of fatalities.

Late Update 12:09 AM: Charlestown authorities have now confirmed "multiple" fatalities.

Late Update: 12:16 AM: There was apparently a bomb threat soon after tonight's shooting, complicating the manhunt and investigation and also leading police to evacuate the area ... Note: >> No connection is certain but the mastermind behind one of the most storied attempted slave revolts in Southern history, Denmark Vesey, was one of the founders of this church. And Tuesday was the anniversary of the date of the planned insurrection ... Here is the history of the church from its website.

As is so often the case, JJ Goldberg of The Forward provides clarifying correctives to the Oren oped and the storm it's generated. First he mentions something that occurred to me as well. The Journal subtly but dramatically changed the meaning of Oren's attack with its headline. Oren said Obama "abandon[ed] the two core principles of Israel's alliance with America." The Journal glosses that as "How Obama Abandoned Israel." Big difference.

But what are these two principles Oren claims Obama abandoned? The so-called policy of "no daylight" - no public disagreements between Israel and the US on core security issues and "no surprises", which is what it sounds like, both sides brief the other side before taking actions. Don't catch the other party off guard.

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I'm told that Moshe Kahlon, head of Israel's Kulanu party and minister in the new Israeli government, has sent a letter to US Ambassador Shapiro, distancing himself and his party from fellow Kulanu MK Michael Oren's criticism of President Obama. A fellow reporter in Israel tells me this has just been reported on Israel's Channel 2.

I've been meaning to write a few posts on Israel over the last ten days because of a series of related developments tied to BDS, the Adelson-Netanyahu alliance and the broader issue of Israel's and Zionism's battle for hearts and minds around the world but also specifically on the slippery ground of American college campuses. But I was drawn to do so tonight because of the dramatic reappearance of Michael Oren, historian, former Israeli ambassador to the US and now a member of Benjamin Netanyahu's rightist coalition, as an MK for the centrist/center-right Kulanu party.

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Gov Brownback of Kansas says the massive sales tax increase he just signed doesn't count as a tax increase.

Meet the married gay Mormon men (and their wives) who are begging the Supreme Court to save 'traditional' marriage.

These are men who are open about being gay but nonetheless have decided to marry women. A group of them have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court asking the Court to rule against gay marriage in the upcoming case because it undermines their marriages.