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The New York Times has audio, released by Ukraine, purporting to be phone conversations between pro-Russian separatist morons as they realized they'd shot down a civilian airliner. Must be heard.

While most of our focus has been on Ukraine, Israel this afternoon (eastern time) launched what appears to be a significant ground incursion into Gaza. Palestinian sources are reporting "scores" of casualties. The reports out of Israel are scattered and contradictory. A statement from the Prime Minister's office says the assault is focused on destroying the cross border tunnel infrastructure between Gaza and Israel. Initial reports suggested a limited incursion. But IDF spokespeople are now saying that the IDF is operating in the north, center and south inside the Gaza Strip. There are also unconfirmed reports of a possible amphibious landing as well. All of this comes amidst continued rocket fire into southern and central Israel and along the coastal plain.

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AP: "Police says the Russian blue cat named Kush went berserk inside a DeLand home July 5, scratching owners Teresa and James Gregory on their arms and legs. The couple retreated to a bedroom and called 911."

If you're stuck on the germ of the story for your new Southern Gothic novel, I gotcha covered.

Last night, Paul MacLeod, owner of Graceland Too, which roadsideamerica.com calls "a manic floor-to-ceiling (including the ceiling) tribute to The King", shot and killed a man, 28 year old Dwight David Taylor.

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