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One thing we don't discuss a lot about Prime is the RSS feature. Fewer people use RSS today than did five or ten years ago. But if you're an RSS user and a TPM Reader, one of the features of Prime is full RSS feeds with zero ads. Prime also gives you the ad-free version of TPM on mobile. Yet another reason to sign up for Prime as part of our subscription drive.

So we're planning on starting a podcast that will just be me talking to interesting people.

Fiorina campaign spokesperson Anna Epstein on today's Fiorina Defends Five Biggest Fibs list. "Considering how far you've had to bend over backwards to try to construe these statements in a way that fits your left-wing narrative, I'd say that sort of contortionism speaks for itself."

Now that the Iran Deal is a done deal and with the stunning news of John Boehner's retirement, you may have missed this. It's not so much surprising, if you've been paying attention. But it confirms a basic reality, which is that the hysteria from Benjamin Netanyahu, much of the Israeli political establishment, purportedly 'pro-Israel' conservatives in the US, and others, was never shared by the Israeli defense establishment and, in a real sense, was manufactured BS meant to leverage the U.S. political climate.

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Can I have your attention for a second? We're running a really important drive to sign readers up for Prime and we managed to get to 500 sign ups in our first week. But we really need to match that and get to 1000 by the end of this week. Why join Prime? Lots of great reasons in terms of things you get. But the biggest and best reason is because TPM needs you. The digital news business is fast moving and unpredictable. So we need to rely more on the most consistent and predictable part of TPM - which is the dedication and loyalty of readers who've come to the site daily for years.

In our experience, the biggest obstacle for most readers isn't the money per se (less than 5 dollars a month) as the inertia of getting the card out of the wallet and just typing in the numbers and signing up. I know - I'm exactly the same way. It's just not what I'm doing right now. It's a hassle. But if you can take a moment right now and just sign up - not in a minute or tomorrow but right now. Take the plunge! In all seriousness, if you can give us a couple minutes and sign up, it's huge for us and it's a key part of making TPM stronger and better and able to keep keeping you up to date every day.

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Ed.Note: * Not everyone has the money to sign up. Maybe you're out of work or on a fixed income or have any other kind of hardship. If you're in this category and don't want to miss out we have credit subscriptions available at no cost.

I just wanted to flag for your attention that Majority Whip Steve Scalise has now announced his bid to become House Majority Leader. It's not automatic by any means. But it's fairly standard that when someone leaves the leadership the others move up the ladder. That's what current Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is trying to do. And it's what you'd expect Scalise to do. But remember, Scalise is the guy who got in a heap of trouble at the end of last year for his earlier ties to David Duke. Yes, that David Duke.

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With a weekend for the dust to settle, we now have a clearer idea of what led to the dramatic and unexpected departure of House Speaker John Boehner. He wasn't pushed exactly. Not exactly. Perhaps best to say that the pressure was getting him closer and closer to the precipice and rather than be pushed he decided to jump on his own terms. Pope Francis's visit to Capitol Hill appears to have played a genuine role in determining precise timing, though not the decision itself. So what does it mean for the House, the GOP caucus and more globally the progress of national politics over the next year?

Three points are worth noting.

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Parody can barely outsprint reality these days. And yes, there really is an Ahmed Truth Movement (ATM): a swirl of conspiracy theories collectively suggesting that the boy who made that clock that was mistaken for a bomb, Ahmed Mohamed, maybe wasn't so innocent after all and actually was up to no good. We mentioned the day the story broken that the Mayor of Ahmed's town, Irving, Texas, is actually a big anti-Islam, anti-Sharia crusader. And surprise, surprise, she's stepping forward to lead the Ahmed Truth Movement. Katie Thompson has the story.