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Last week I noted two events which threw a wrench into the prevailing narrative about the war the NYPD - or at least key members of the union leadership - has been waging against the city's mayor. First there was a poll showing the city's population overwhelmingly opposed calculated displays of contempt like turning backs on the Mayor during officers' funerals - despite city residents approving of the police department in general. Then there was news about a fiery union meeting in Queens at which Lynch's critics claimed he'd led them into a dead-end with an ego driven pissing-match with the Mayor that gave short shrift to their actual needs. Now it turns out Lynch's position is worse than I'd imagined and he's blinked in his demand for an apology from the Mayor.

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Since I talked to you last about the upcoming Israeli elections in March there's been some wobbling in the polls that I wanted to let you know about. As noted earlier, both Likud and Labor have been hovering in the low-20s for the number of Knesset seats they are expected to gain in the election, with Labor holding a very small but seemingly persistent lead. That changed in early January when the numbers flipped. New polls showed Likud holding a comparably thin lead.

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We're hiring a Senior Editor for our DC office. It's a fast-paced, exciting job that is at the center of our news coverage. If you're interested or if you know someone who might be, please see the full listing after the jump.

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We're considering bringing back TPM Book Club in a new format. And we're trying to gauge interest. We have a short survey - 7 questions, quick and easy. Just click here. If you could take a moment to fill it out we'd be much obliged.

Yesterday, I discussed the new poll that shows that New Yorkers overwhelmingly oppose police officers turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio during police funerals. They also think police union chief Pat Lynch is a jerk who's bad for the city. Now the same pollster (Quinnipiac) has released numbers for the Mayor and the Governor.

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