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A pregnant teenager and her boyfriend, 25, were both killed, after connecting with the wrong man for a sexual encounter through Craigslist. Brady Oestrike, who had a large collection of assault rifles, allegedly strangled 18 year old Brooke Slocum and decapitated Charles Oppenneer. Slocum, who was eight months pregnant, was allegedly held captive before he death.

According to the AP, "It's likely that Oppenneer died of some kind of head trauma, but that couldn't be determined without his head being found, police said."

Oestrike shot himself to death after crashing his car in an attempted escape from police.

New Yorker taking its own look at the Legend of Joe Biden ...

After the speech, just before Biden ducked back inside, a young man cupped his hands and yelled, “Stay gangster, Joe! I dig you, man.” Biden looked up, pleased but perplexed by an image he doesn’t control or entirely recognize. He waved and kept walking.

I mentioned a little earlier this crazy case of two friends trying to "test" a bullet proof vest in their basement - a genius idea that left one of them dead and the other in jail facing murder charges. We now have a bit more information on what went down - much of which could be summarized under the heading: leave testing out bullet proof vests to the professionals. If you must go DIY, make sure the shooter isn't stoned.

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