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With the latest revelation – that President Trump straight up asked James Comey to end the Flynn investigation – this is starting to feel like a prize fight where one boxer just took three straight punches to the head. It’s hard to know how much longer this can go on. But I suspect the answer is this: a lot longer.

We talk a lot about smoke and fire. But this isn’t smoke. This is the fire. It’s not clear to me what more we need to know. The only question is whether we decide to put it out or just let it keep burning. As I said above, I bet we’re going to let it burn for quite a while longer.

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We now have a report that the allied intelligence service whose intelligence President Trump shared with Sergei Lavrov was an Israeli intelligence agency. My best guess was Jordan. Shows what I know.

What is remarkable about this is that reports in the Israeli press from January said that US intelligence officials had warned their Israeli counterparts about sharing intelligence with President Trump because of fears he might share such intelligence with Russia.


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Thanks to everyone who signed up for Prime last week. With the news crisis, not to mention the arguable national crisis of the Comey firing, I wanted to be sure I and the whole team could focus entirely on the news. How could I have guessed that in the accelerating Trump New Normal, there’s a new shocking news story/national crisis to kick off each week? No one could have guessed! Anyway, we’ve now signed up 720 new subscribers so far this month. That puts us in shooting distance of our goal of 1000 new subscribers this month and our goal of 10,000 new subscribers by the end of 2017. Our annual sign up drive kicks off next month. Get a head start now! Just click right here. And thanks!

We were just watching General McMaster’s press conference – which has taken the place of Sean Spicer’s briefing today. The key take away is that McMaster is essentially conceding the accuracy of last night’s reporting (first from the Post and later confirmed by other outlets) but saying that in the context it was okay. It was appropriate. Notably, when it comes to specifics, he is hiding behind classification to refuse to give further answers.

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A few moments ago Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared on cameras and gave a response to the Lavrov blockbuster which captured in two or three sentences the essential cynicism of the current Republican position on the moral and strategic implosion of the Trump presidency.

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This one I can really only capture in images.

Note that Trump is not only confirming the essence of the Post story. He has already seized upon the constitutional and legal fact that as President if he shares information it means he decided to declassify it.

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Despite nominal denials from the White House, it seems clear that The Washington Post blockbuster about President Trump’s meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak is accurate and may even understate what transpired last week. Numerous other news organizations have now independently verified the Post’s report.

Why did this happen exactly?

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Here’s my take on General McMaster’s statement, delivered in person a few moments ago outside the White House.

First, here’s the text.

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The Washington Post has just dropped a major story on what went down in that Trump/Sergei Lavrov Oval Office meeting last week. According to the Post, in that meeting, Trump went “off script” and provided Lavrov and Ambassador Sergei highly classified intelligence on the inner workings of the Islamic State. This is a move – if it occurred as described – that would likely gotten any other government official fired and possibly indicted. 

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