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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gambled everything on his effort to derail President Obama's Iran diplomacy. He openly supported his 2012 general election opponent. He even accepted a secret invitation to speak before a joint session of Congress for the express purpose of trying to sabotage a signature element of the Head of State's foreign policy agenda. It's widely agreed across the political spectrum that at the level of top leadership, US-Israel relations are at their lowest point in decades, despite the fact that the security relationship has actually grown closer and more robust since 2009. The only debate is whether confronting the dangers of the Iran deal merited the risk to the relationship. So Netanyahu bet everything and he lost. With those facts, you might be thinking that for most politicians this would be a terrible setback or even the end of their career. But, as Asher Schechter explains here, nothing could be further from the case.

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Has Donald Trump finally done it? Finally gone too far?

Coming from Trump, the comments seem more ridiculous than outrageous. And let's not forget that, only a decade ago, Republicans ran an entire presidential campaign around a more pervasive and aggressive denigration of another decorated Vietnam combat vet's service record. But whatever I think of it, will Trump's latest outrage finally sink him with his growing ranks of supporters? I very much doubt it.

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As long as I created confusion over this, here's what I meant: Obama no longer gives a fuck. I assume you don't give fucks when you simply have none left to give. It's a supply-side phenomenon, which I think squares with most our personal experience. And when I thought of Obama's sometimes Achilles' heel of extreme accommodation of his adversaries, often getting little or nothing in return, it occurred to me that President Obama had been overdrawing his fucks account for sometime. Let's call it deficit spending in fucks. And now, he has none left. I noted that he may have private reserve for extreme or personal need. But basically he is out of fucks to give.

I'm a fan of Glenn Thrush. For me, he is in Politico but not of it. But I think he gets this take on Obama, coming off his fractious and steely Iran deal press conference, simply wrong. The image is of a president frantically trying to cram as much legacy as he can into the final quarter of his presidency. No Drama Obama has been replaced by a man who is testy and impatient. As often happens late in a president's term, many key advisors - the ones most able to rein in his more unlovely tendencies - have gone on to their post-presidential lives. That, I think, is a fair characterization of Thrush's article. It's not at all what I see.

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You probably saw that the Wisconsin Supreme Court - now with a solid Republican majority - put an end to the "John Doe" investigation into Gov Scott Walker, which has dogged the governor for what seems like ages. The polarization of the Wisconsin Court has been a big story for awhile now. And there was already a lot of question about just how not one of the judges managed to recuse themselves. But the tenor of the decision itself makes little effort to conceal what one might call the extrajudicial nature of the decision. The subtext is basically: let's not get too focused on the specific legal rulings we're making. The upshot is that you're done investigating Scott Walker. The actual decision reads, "It is utterly clear that the special prosecutor has employed theories of law that do not exist in order to investigate citizens who were wholly innocent of any wrongdoing ... Let one point be clear: our conclusion today ends this unconstitutional John Doe investigation."

They're perhaps inspired by the Roberts Court?