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Don't worry. I'll be okay. But this is upsetting: I think I have to defend Corey Lewandowski.

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A couple hours ago I chatted with Bloomberg's Josh Green for episode three of my new podcast. We talked about the now infamous Mark Penn 'unamerican' memo from 2008 which the Trump campaign quite clumsily tried to use to blame Hillary Clinton for birtherism and also Josh's profile of Steve Bannon from last year. You may have missed this part of the last week's unfolding birther news. But Josh was the one who originally got a copy of that memo and published it in 2008 as part of a lengthy post-mortem on the Clinton campaign. Fascinating conversation. As usual, whatever the news of the moment, Josh has several deeply reported articles which bear pretty much directly on it.

Episode three of my podcast should be coming on Friday.

There are two versions of a story out this morning about a terrorism assessment opened on Ahmad Rahami in 2014, after his father called him a "terrorist." But they're significantly, even critically different.

The Times version is that Ahmad was involved in some sort of violent domestic incident in his home. When police came to the scene, father Mohammad Rahami told officers his son was a "terrorist." This news was relied to federal authorities. They opened an investigation. But when they returned to interview Mohammad, he recanted his earlier accusation. From the Times story, that's where the trail seemed to end.

About an hour ago NBC's Pete Williams had a significantly different version, recounted on air just after 12 PM.

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Look at this exchange caught by CBS's indefatigable Sopan Deb from the Michael Savage radio show.

SAVAGE: Donald Trump is with us on the Savage Nation. Line 10. Donald Trump, you're the only one who can save us from this insanity. We need you Donald. You've got to become president.

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Words count. Listen to these words - trojan horse, cancer from within, secret constant plotting - and see if they don't sound like speeches from the 1930s or dark words spoken before leaders do horrible things.

This is Trump from this morning on Fox and Friends.

"They're here. And I've been saying. This is going to be like the Trojan horse. We're letting tens of thousands of people flow into this country and they are bringing in, in many cases, this is cancer from within. This is something that's going to be so tough and you know they stay together, so nobody really knows who it is, what's happening. They are plotting. They keep plotting, and this has been going on for so long and everybody knows it and the good law enforcement, we have such great people. That's the best thing we have going is that we have great law enforcement. They know about it."

If you've heard Donald Trump explain Obama and Clinton's terrible decision to intervene in Libya and how he opposed it all along, watch this video. February 28th, 2011. After the jump ...

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I think TPM Reader BG has this largely correct ...

I appreciate your latest post about how many mistakes the alleged perpetrator made, and we are all extremely thankful that he was as bad at this as he was. But that's not an accident.

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