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Virtually no legal experts believe Republicans have standing, let alone a case, to challenge President Obama's recent immigration order. But through some clever forum shopping, they may have found the one trial court judge - an anti-Obama, anti-immigration hardliner in Texas - who will rule in their favor.

Unless you're on the far right of Israeli politics, this has been an incredibly depressing few months in, for and about Israel. Amidst all the awful, last week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called his erstwhile coalition partner (the politically inept) Yair Lapid's bluff and booted him out of the governing coalition. This meant Netanyahu had to call for new elections (now scheduled for March). And it was universally assumed that this would lead to a strengthening of the parties of the right and thus a strengthening of Netanyahu's hand.

But since then something weird has happened in the Israeli body politic.

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In face of torture report, Fox News yacker completely loses it. "America is awesome!!!" Watch.