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Soon-to-be-presidential candidate Lindsey Graham says the Iraq War was not a mistake. But ... "a land invasion may not have been the right answer." Or something like that.

For more on our search for someone, almost anyone, to say the Iraq War was a good idea see Tierney Sneed's piece here.

I mentioned a couple months ago the quiet dread I experienced awaiting the Clinton campaign, the quite possible Clinton restoration and the drama both bring inevitably in their wake. There's another part of that story we're now seeing in spades: let's call it the inevitable Vince Fosterization of really every media scrape, pseudo-scandal and genuine embarrassment the Clintons are ever involved in. (For those of you not familiar with Vince Foster, his tragic suicide or the years-long right-wing clown show it kicked off, it is probably best described as the '90s version of Benghazi.) As with most things Clinton, there's enough to get everyone interested and virtually never enough for there to be any real there there. If there were less of the former or more of the latter, the story would have a clearer, more satisfying conclusion. With the Clintons, the inevitable gap between their pursuers' hopes and the mundane reality, the expectations and inevitable disappointment is the beautiful face that sets sail to a thousand ships of nonsense, wishful thinking and right-wing media rube fleecing.

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With your feedback I've learned a little more about wingsuit BASE jumping. It's all confirmed my initial sense that it is both fascinating and really crazy. To recapitulate, BASE jumping is simply parachuting from very high fixed objects: bridges, cliffs, etc. The addition of the wingsuit is where it gets interesting and almost mind-bogglingly dangerous.

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After failing in a long-shot bid to unseat scandal-plagued Rep Scott DesJarlais, Robert Doggard decided to lead a militia attack against a Muslim group in Hancock, New York.

I just saw the news that an extreme athlete named Dean Potter died in a BASE jumping accident after jumping from a 7500 feet drop in Yosemite National Park. It turns out that it was only a few days ago I saw for the first time at least this kind of what's called BASE jumping (I've now found out from readers that what I'm referring to is BASE jumping with a wingsuit, which is a particularly insane subcategory of BASE jumping). If you haven't seen it, it basically involves jumping off an extremely high cliff in what looks something like a flying squirrel suit - basically a skin tight suit with webbing between the legs and between the arms and legs.

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I have a Republican friend - semi-retired from the political business - who frequently notes that the GOP has never had a reckoning with the Iraq War, no process akin to the years long angst and struggle the Democrats had over the decision-making and consequences of the Vietnam War. Last week it seemed like that long delayed process was coming about suddenly - hinged around the fumbling candidacy of former President Bush's brother and his own efforts to come up with a position on the war. But we can see from yesterday that it won't be nearly that easy or so quick.

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