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TPM Reader JC brings us his experience on the battlefield of cake morality and reminds us of a key point. While anti-gay activists have done a decent job coopting the language of 'religious liberty' as a synonym for prejudice against gay people, Americans - even in fairly conservative states - overwhelmingly oppose laws which give the sanction of law this kind of bigotry.

Thank you for your recent post on the cake/flowers silliness. My major question here that no one in the media seems to ask these folks is--does giving someone a generic cake or flowers mean you endorse what they use the cake and flowers for? Generally a vendor sends all their cakes out without asking or worrying about the recipients daily morality.

What makes a gay couple's morality so important to the cake maker's trade that they now must say No? Why is the supposed "sin" of being gay or getting married as gay citizens suddenly consequential to the the cakes moral mission? Or why does the gay factor even give the cake a moral mission?

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