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So believe it or not, Steve King gets a veto on who gets to be the GOP nominee in 2016. Kilgore has the story.

Gun sales skyrocketing in Ferguson. This should all go splendidly. From the Post ...

Ku Klux Klan leaders have handed out fliers in Ferguson that threaten “lethal force” against protesters, businesses have boarded up their storefronts, and local gun retailers say sales have skyrocketed. Law enforcement officials have warned of groups of “outside agitators” who could descend on the city after the announcement and incite violence.


“These people are afraid,” said Steve King, the owner of Metro Shooting Supplies in nearby Bridgeton. King says his store typically sells 30 to 40 firearms a week. This week, it has sold 250. “One hundred percent of them are buying because of Ferguson.”

Uber CEO (seemingly in both senses) Travis Kalanick now says his fellow executive's suggestion that Uber might oppo research and try to smear a critical female journalist was a "terrible" idea. Yes, I would say that is probably right.

Separate from the details of this incident, it's been quite a while since I've seen what is by any measure an amazingly successful startup manage to generate this much negative publicity based fairly narrowly on the behavior of its top executives.

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Great look at why DC Republicans, especially clear players in the Senate have decided, have decided that the November elections mean the time has finally come for government shutdowns, or in other words, refusing to fund the government unless President Obama concedes to GOP demands.

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) and head of the Senate GOP campaign arm says: "The president, who said his policies were under referendum — they were. And they were rejected ... When the Republicans have the majority — let me say it differently, when Congress is functioning again — then I think the opportunity to use the power of the purse strings is appropriate."

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