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In the second installment of our series of TPM Reader emails on 'your hitchhiking story', TPM Reader RCE shares the story that ended his days as a hitchhiker ...

Here is the story that cured me of Hitch Hiking.

I hitch hiked throughout the 1960s and 1970s as a kid and teen in Pittsburgh. It was a necessity for jobs or getting up to the river where we jumped off the bridge......[yes, my friends jumped off the bridge so I did too]

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A couple weeks ago, as apart of our End of the Road series on the American car and the open road, we published 'The End of the Open Road: The Inside Story of How Hitchhiking Died'. If you're over 40 you probably remember during your own lifetime that there was a time when hitchhiking was a normal thing people did. Not everybody did it. But it wasn't something that seemed crazy or marginal. And then over a few years, probably less than a decade, it was something almost nobody did. At least it was something no one did without other people thinking they were reckless or crazy.

Here's a letter TPM Reader DP sent this weekend. It is simply marvelous: a big trove of stories about America ...

I'm sorry this letter is so late but this is my story.

I was born in 1959, hitch-hiking was a big part of the first half my life. When I was in the 8th grade growing up in a nice little upper-middle class suburb south of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, my mother actually wrote a letter to the principal of my school giving me permission to hitch-hike the three miles home every day as I didn't care for riding the bus. Did it every day, I was in 8th grade! A safe community, I never once felt in danger. Throughout my teen years in the mid-1970s I hitch-hiked all around the area; to school, the pool, my friends' houses, the mall, into Pittsburgh, eventually expanding to see one friend at college 120 miles away and another in Columbus Ohio. Did it all the time, never thought twice about it.

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Josh Duggar, the eldest child of the 19 kid Duggar family, has resigned his post as executive director of FRC Action, the political and lobbying arm of the far-right Family Research Council, over multiple alleged molestation incidents which took place when he was a teenager. The Duggars, in the unlikely case you're not familiar with them, are the subjects of a long running reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, chronicling their lives as an evangelical family raising 19 biological children from more or less nonstop child-bearing by matriarch Michelle Duggar.

The family has also served as semi-official mascots of the pro-life and anti-gay rights movements in the United States. The FRC is classed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Josh Duggar is an outspoken advocate of discrimination against gays and lesbians. He has also, ironically, repeatedly attacked members of the LGBT community as threats to the well-being of young children.

This evening the FRC posted the following statement on its website ...

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Another TPM Reader follows up on the backstory about the state's decision to abolish the death penalty. Our correspondent from yesterday noted this as part of the story. But TPM Reader LF (anonymized initials) follows up here with more on the role of the drugs state use but are having an increasingly difficult time obtaining to end condemned prisoners lives ...

I don't think you can understand the Nebraska situation without also noting the absolute mess that is lethal injection, both as a general matter and in Nebraska specifically. You guys have run stories before about how lethal injection results have been grisly lately. A lot of that stems from evolving lethal injection protocols, which have had to change (basically for the first time since the late 1970s/early 1980s) to account for a growing number of drug shortages. Some companies have stopped producing the traditional lethal injection drugs because they are very old, not profitable, and, injections, which are notoriously difficult to make consistently with good manufacturing standards. Others simply refuse to do business with state departments of correction. There has been a ton of good, progressive work here by groups like Reprieve and the Berkeley Death Penalty Clinic.

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TPM Reader EA prepares to be swept away on the anti-Clinton clown car ...

You mentioned recently that we are headed down the Clinton rabbit hole, where everything is a scandal, no one has an ounce of decency or honesty, and we can soon expect to witness Hillary in her true demonic form, with bloody fangs and a glint of world domination fever in her eyes.

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