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TPM Reader MA has another thread of the criminalization of high school story. I would say that I still think the mid-late 20th century crime boom is a big, big part of this story, one which is obviously heavily bound up with race but is an independent statistical and societal fact. With that, TPM Reader MA ...

Josh, interesting post on the criminalization of innocuous behavior in schools, but I think you missed an important thread. Like the drug war and the militarization of policing, I think this phenomena is largely an expression of our nation's white supremacist origins and continuing mass anxieties and hysterias about race. One of the things that's come out of the recent discussion of the killings of Micheal Brown and Eric Gardner, etc., is how police forces are encouraged, through a plethora of mostly unspoken or indirect policies and cues and the prejudices police officers learn like the rest of us growing up in America, to see black and brown-skinned people and particularly young black males as a dangerous, violence-prone, always up-to-no-good criminal class.

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In the constant stream of articles that wash over us from an ever-expanding number of publications, a few stand out. One of them is an article published this morning by The Wall Street Journal. The subject was the increasing tendency for schools to bring in the police for incidents that most of us over 30 or certainly 40 would think of as things schools handle with detention or suspension or one of the other tools we associate with school discipline.

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South Carolina Republican doubles down on his attack on "Gremlins" - his word for gay men. "What we have is, I made a comment that same-sex couples that want to destroy traditional marriage and our way of life, they're gremlins. They're these creatures that are so destructive."

At the state level, Republicans increasingly see the handwriting on the wall on the dread Obamacare: it's not going anywhere.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on repeal. "That's not gonna happen. The opposition to it was really either political or ideological. I don't think that holds water against real flesh and blood, and real improvements in people's lives."

Let me circle back on what I wrote about on Sunday: good news on Ebola.

As predicted, virtually all the Texas quarantines and monitorings of possible exposed people ended yesterday - including for the family members of the late Thomas Eric Duncan, who had closest contact with him just before he was hospitalized on September 28th. This is not only good news for the people involved. In particular, it shows that we may be on the receding end of the current scare. And more generally it tends to confirm what we know about Ebola: that prior to its end stage, it is not that easy to contract. And because of that, outbreaks can be contained.

Also notable is that we are at 13 days since Duncan died. The quarantine period for Ebola is 21 days. But symptoms appear for most victims after 8-10 days. That suggests it is increasingly unlikely that more health care workers will come down with Ebola from exposure to Duncan, though we won't know that for sure until the middle of next week.

As the epidemiologists have warned from the start, we're not really safe here as long as the epidemic is raging out of control in West Africa. But here, the news is good.

I'd be very surprised to see Allison Lundergan Grimes unseat Mitch McConnell next month. National observers have largely written her off after national Democrats decided to refocus dollars on other campaigns. And her fairly comical explanations for why she wouldn't say whether she voted for Barack Obama certainly didn't help. But it's hard to write her off entirely when we keep getting polls showing her only one point behind like this one.

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