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Ed Kilgore asks: Why on earth is Chris Christie still pretending he's running for President?

Alt history reading: if only Christie hadn't embraced Obama, gotten involved in the Bridgegate fiasco and seen his in-state approval ratings plummet he could be perfectly positioned to take advantage of Jeb Bush's stumbles.

This is one of the many reasons I'm skeptical about the many hopeful signs on criminal justice reform. Fox and much the right is now lining up behind the idea that President Obama's new ban on transferring military grade weaponry to local police departments is a new "war on the police."

I did not realize there were academic studies demonstrating that the advent of Fox News - and particularly in districts where it first went live - pushed both Republican and Democratic members of Congress to embrace more Republican policies. Fascinating stuff.

A party owning its own cable news network has big implications.

You probably saw this story yesterday about a failed GOP congressional candidate from Tennessee who was arrested and charged with conspiring to lead a militia attack - using the assistance of an existing 'militia' which goes by the initials OAF - on a Muslim community in Hancock, New York. "We shall be Warriors who will inflict horrible numbers of casualties upon the enemies of our Nation and World Peace,” he wrote in a Facebook post. And in a call intercepted by federal investigators, he told one woman “When we meet with this state, the people that we will seek will know who we are. We will be cruel to them. And we will burn down their buildings."

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Good Lord. A member of Benjamin Netanyahu's new cabinet is trolling President Obama on twitter.

Uri Ariel, Agriculture Minister from the far-right Jewish Home party is now trolling President Obama on twitter about his government's refusal to budge on settlements or East Jerusalem.

Tweet after the jump ...

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Republicans operatives and policy hands are trying out a new set of Iraq War talking points. Just refuse to answer the question. On principle.

One of the big takeaways from Tierney Sneed's several day effort to find anyone still willing to say the Iraq War was a good idea was just how many big name Bush administration officials and neoconservative policy intellectuals — all architects of the war — were simply not willing to talk about the subject at all. But one of the most striking and darkly comedic findings was the number of less high profile neocons who are simply arguing that the question itself (was invading Iraq a mistake?) is unfair, a liberal trap and that Republicans should simply refuse to answer it on principle.

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I'm looking for someone interested in working on a historical photo project we're going to be doing here at TPM. To be clear, this is not a full time or even part time job — more like a couple dozen hours of compensated research a month, which you can do on your own time. The key for this being a good fit is if you're into or fascinated by historical photographs.

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Soon-to-be-presidential candidate Lindsey Graham says the Iraq War was not a mistake. But ... "a land invasion may not have been the right answer." Or something like that.

For more on our search for someone, almost anyone, to say the Iraq War was a good idea see Tierney Sneed's piece here.