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In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, polling stations ran out of provisional ballots and voters were turned away through the day. Voting officials worked the overtime getting more ballots prepared. And now a judge has ordered that voters can come to the City-County building until 9:30 PM -- 90 minutes after the close of voting -- to vote by provisional ballot.

This is contrary to some published reports (CNN) that all the polls are open in the county.

7:30 exits show Kerry finally starting to open up more than a 1% lead in Ohio.


Needless to say, the gonzos on Fox -- acting on orders from you-know-who, no doubt -- are still parroting the phony story about vote fraud in Philly, which was debunked hours ago. This is just the beginning.

As you might expect, we've been getting pretty consistent exit poll data all day. But until only a little bit ago we were dealing with our site problems. So I'm going to take a few minutes to pull all the poll data information together and evaluate it. Many of the numbers are available on other sites of course. But not all of them are reliable. At least some are at variance with the numbers I have, which I believe to be accurate. The short version is that Kerry is doing well in the second-tier states and leads, but only by very thin margins, in Ohio and Florida.

Well, if our servers had to go down, I’m at least glad it could happen today, right? Jeez, what friggin’ nightmare. As you may have noticed TPM was offline from about 1:45 PM until just before 5 PM. Right about exactly the time I got hold of the first good exit poll numbers everything started to go haywire. It’s still not completely clear what happened. But we seem to have it under control.

Just off the AP wire, the real story on Drudge's bogus <$NoAd$>Philly voter fraud story ...

An army of zealous, partisan political operatives descended on polling locations around the state Tuesday, looking for any signs of voting irregularities, and election officials planned to spend the day investigating fraud allegations.

Republican observers in Philadelphia lodged some of the earliest complaints, claiming that voting machines in the city already had thousands of votes recorded on them when the polls opened at 7 a.m.

City election officials and the district attorney rushed to some of the precincts in question, and quickly said the GOP poll watchers had gotten it wrong.

Deputy City Commissioner Ed Schulgen and Cathie Abookire, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Lynne Abraham, said the observers had pulled the numbers from an odometer that records every vote ever cast on the machine in every election - and not the counter that records how many votes will be counted for this election.

"It's absolutely ridiculous," Schulgen said.

Ridiculous or not, rumors of widespread fraud quickly made their way on to the Internet and circulated nationally.

Of course, it didn't 'make its way' onto the Internet. It was planted there as part of the Republicans' battle plan today. And how surprising that these good souls just happened to misread the machines in the heavily African-American neighborhoods in Philly. Imagine that.

Democracy starts at home.