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Chris Matthews and Henry Kissinger <$NoAd$> reminisce on Hardball ...

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about the whole Nixon—and I‘m sure you‘ve thought this over a zillion times in your life in your long career and all that you‘ve done. If you think about Nixon and break-ins, I know I have a tape -- I listened to it myself over at the archives—of Nixon saying, go break into Brookings after the Pentagon Papers were published.

There was another tape I listened to where he said, let‘s go break into the Republican headquarters and make it look like the Democrats did it. What is with Nixon and break-ins?

KISSINGER: You have to understand that Nixon had a habit of making grandiloquent statements. This was his way of letting off steam to prove that he was macho.

And the people who really knew him would not act on these comments. When I learned about Watergate, I asked Bryce Harlow, who was a wise old man around Washington, I said , what do you think happened here, Bryce? And he said, some damn fool went into the Oval Office and did what he was told, because Nixon didn‘t mean these things to be carried out. And he didn‘t really order them. He would say these things rhetorically. Let‘s break into Brookings. And he...

Just misunderstood.

(ed.note: Thanks to TPM Reader JW.)

Peggy Noonan on Mark Felt's crimes against humanity and history ...

The Washington Post said yesterday that Mr. Felt's information allowed them to continue their probe. That probe brought down a president. Ben Stein is angry but not incorrect: What Mr. Felt helped produce was a weakened president who was a serious president at a serious time. Nixon's ruin led to a cascade of catastrophic events--the crude and humiliating abandonment of Vietnam and the Vietnamese, the rise of a monster named Pol Pot, and millions--millions--killed in his genocide. America lost confidence; the Soviet Union gained brazenness. What a terrible time. Is it terrible when an American president lies and surrounds himself by dirty tricksters? Yes, it is. How about the butchering of children in the South China Sea. Is that worse? Yes. Infinitely, unforgettably and forever.

And who are the real heroes of Watergate?

Were there heroes of Watergate? Surely many unknown ones, those who did their best to be constructive and not destructive, those who didn't think it was all about their beautiful careers. I'll give you a candidate for great man of the era: Chuck Colson. Colson functioned in the Nixon White House as a genuinely bad man, went to prison and emerged a genuinely good man. He told the truth about himself in "Born Again," a book not fully appreciated as the great Washington classic it is, and has devoted his life to helping prisoners and their families. He paid the price, told the truth, blamed no one but himself, and turned his shame into something helpful. Children aren't dead because of him. There are children who are alive because of him.

Mark Felt, force of death; Chuck Colson, force of life.

Earlier in the piece, she has this choice sentence: "Mr. Felt simply leaked information gained from his position in government to damage those who were doing what he didn't want done."

The stuff truly takes <$NoAd$> your breath away.

I guess, though, we owe Peggy et al. thanks for stipulating for the record that they don't think anything of any consequence was done wrong in Watergate because that provides a helpful context for understanding why they keep carrying the water of this administration, knowing as they do that many of the same things are happening.

Emerging right-wing talking points from TPM Reader MK ...


Has dumping on Chuck Colson become one of the many Liberal pastimes? I am guessing that no one on the left has ever read "Born Again." If they did they would realize that Chuck Colson waived his 5th Amendment rights after his conversion and went to prison for his principles.

And what was his crime? Admitting that he viewed a FBI report on a Nixon emeny.

If Colson was the pathological liar you and your ilk make him out to be he would never even seen one day of prison time.

Sincerely, MK

I sent MK a note asking just what <$NoAd$> 'principles' Colson was going to prison for exactly.

As for dumping on Watergate crooks being a liberal pastime, I think the cat is pretty much out of the bag on that one, right?

Oh the liberal bias of it all ...

In the Chicago Tribune, John Kass laments that Mark Felt is honored as a hero while Linda Tripp is still ridiculed.

Maybe the Count isn't a real congressman after all?

Indiana United to Protect Social Security is sponsoring a Social Security townhall meeting downstairs at the St. Joseph County Public Library in South Bend at 6:30 PM next Tuesday, June 7th.

That's in phase-out man and notorious privatization flip-flopper Rep. Chris Chocola's (R) district. And, I guess not <$Ad$>surprisingly, he's refusing to show up.

A TPM Reader from the district tells me that the Count's excuse is that the sponsors of the event don't 'have a plan'. So there's nothing to talk about.

In any case, they're apparently going to have an empty chair on the stage for the absent congressman. So if you're from Indiana's 2nd district try to stop by.

And if you attend, and you take some pictures, let us know. We'd like to share them with the rest of our readers, especially Chocola's empty seat.

I'm very pleased to let you know that guest-blogging at TPMCafe's Table For One the week after next (June 13th-17th) will be Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU.

He'll be discussing the renewal of the Patriot Act and other issues.

I'm really looking forward to it. I hope you can stop by and join us.

Following up on the earlier post, can anyone send me some particularly rich and egregious examples of chat-meisters on the various shows getting crooks and felons like Colson, Liddy et al. to dump on Mark Felt without pressing them on their own crimes?

Now TPM Reader RW gets into the act about Chuck Colson ...


Colson had the ^#$%* to say this in the Post’s article this morning:

"There were times when I should have blown the whistle, so I understand his feelings. But I cannot approve of his methods."

Blow the whistle on what? Himself? Colson tries to make it seem like he was tortured about blowing the whistle on others, while engaging in no real wrongdoing himself. What a liar. He’s never really lived up to his crimes, other than saying he “was involved in Watergate.” Time for us to press this fool to come clean.


Makes me think of when the lion shall lie down with the <$NoAd$> lamb. Only in the DC version of the end time, which I guess we're now in, the whistle-blowers and truth-tellers will be forced to lay down with the crooks they turned in. And judged as equally worthy.