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The excuses begin ...

In tomorrow's Washington Times, Cliff May says that if Bush loses it will be because of "UN manipulation" behind the al Qaqaa story.

That, and of course liberal media bias.

In Michigan, phony phone calls using homophobia to suppress the black vote and others telling people to go to the wrong polling places. And the polling place shenanigans are happening in Ohio too. All according to the Detroit Free Press.

Down, dirty and desperate till the last moment.

Democracy starts at home.

I guess I'm a bit late with this recommendation since tomorrow the polls don't matter anymore, or at least not by early evening. But here's another excellent blog for polling analysis -- especially because it's by a guy who -- unlike most of us who chatter about polls -- actually knows what he's talking about.

Sad wagon.

From tomorrow's Post ...

Bush's aides predicted victory when talking on the record, pointing to polls showing that the race remained a tossup, both nationally and in key states. But despite the insistence that all was well, the erosion in the moods of Bush's inner circle over the past two weeks was unmistakable. Several of his close advisers said they were concerned because the president had achieved no last-minute momentum, and Democratic turnout was looking as if it might swamp the Bush-Cheney campaign's projections.

A GOP official who is privy to Bush-Cheney strategy and polling said that as the incumbent, Bush should be further ahead of Kerry in polls. "Some of them have been moving in the right direction, but it isn't enough," the official said. "Karl [Rove] is a big believer in the bandwagon effect, but there has been nothing over the past week for the president to use it to turn it around."

The reports I get from sources inside that operation paint a similar picture. <$NoAd$>In particular, the numbers aren't panning out.

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I must say, when they're cruising through elections, it's all inclusion and compassion and 'reaching out' (as that idiotic phrase has it). But when things are going south the GOP is truly the party of Jim Crow. There's no other way to put it -- out on the Indian reservations in South Dakota, in the inner city neighborhoods across the upper Midwest and in various other ways.

I like to think of myself as fairly hardened to this stuff. But it's bracing to actually see it happening, even though it's all from the Rove playbook. You can see on the commentary this evening that Bush is hemorrhaging. But these guys aren't prepared to lose. And they are going to amazing lengths that even I have a hard time believing.

It's ugly. And it's all starting to come down tonight.

In any case, as nearly as I can tell, the Democrats are on top of the situation and mobilizing rapidly. The key is that folks should just go to polls and vote. They won't have any problem.

The aim here is to create rumors and a perception that people will have problems and in so doing get a lot of them not to show up at the polls at all. The truth is that people will be available to make sure things go smoothly and that folks won't have any undue difficulties.

Go to the polls, vote, and let President Bush know that democracy starts at home.

We'll try to have more updates on this stuff this evening.

We've all heard these stories about folks getting ejected from Bush-Cheney events for wearing Kerry-Edwards T-shirts or not signing Bush loyalty oaths. This story at ABCNews.com has some elements of false parity between Bush-Cheney and Kerry-Edwards in the way the piece is structured (especially the lede). But on balance it's a clever and very revealing piece.

ABC got a group of its producers to go to Bush-Cheney and Kerry-Edwards events wearing the other campaign's T-shirts. The rules were to get the tickets completely legitimately and maintain entirely courteous behavior at the events.

In other words, the only issue was the T-shirts.

At one Kerry-Edwards event, the BC04-clad producers were surrounded by sign waving Kerry supporters, in attempt to make the purported Bush supporters invisible to the press. In this case, one of the volunteers later said, "My job tonight was to run interference so that we didn't have any negative situation on our hands ... Our job was to stand in front of them and make sure that, number one, that press had access to Kerry stuff and not necessarily Bush."

At another event, a Kerry campaign worker approached the producers and told them that they had the right to eject them if they made any disturbance. The guy in this case told them, "We hold the right to remove you, but other than that, enjoy and hopefully at the end of the event you'll want to wear a Kerry T-shirt."

You could say it didn't go quite so well in Bush-Cheney land. When the producers tried to get into a BC04 event, they simply weren't allowed in at all.

A campaign volunteer told them: "I'm sorry, but they're Kerry shirts ... We were told not to let people with Kerry shirts into the rally."

And then this happened ...

And as they approached the gates of the stadium, Lance "Chip" Borman, a Bush campaign worker and attorney who worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, directed them toward the Brevard County sheriff's deputies waiting at the exit.

"Hey folks, it's a private event," he said. "Can you find your way to the nearest exit? Maybe some law enforcement can help?"

Maybe some law enforcement can help. That's adorable.

When some others slipped into their Kerry-Edwards-wear when they were already inside, this happened ...

A second team of ABC News producers waited until entering Space Coast stadium before showing its Kerry-Edwards T-shirts, but was still quickly spotted and ordered out by Borman, who identified himself as working for the Republican National Committee.

He said the rally of some 18,000 people was a "private event," and it made no difference that producers Christine Romo and Jessica Wang had tickets and remained silent and respectful.

"But you wore the shirts; you wore the shirts," Borman said. "And honestly, if you would have come without the shirts and sat quietly, you would have had a fun time and enjoyed it, but I mean it's not that kind of event." He then instructed the sheriff's deputies to escort the ABC News team out to the parking lot.

A bit different, no? But I guess that's the leadership principle for ya ...