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Great moments in Mehlmanizing: "A leak is when you ask a reporter to write a story. [Rove] was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story."

Ryan Lizza on Rove lawyer GB Luskin: "It is a make-or-break moment for the Beltway defense attorney, and one of the reasons that people like Luskin relish such high-profile cases. But Luskin is stumbling out of the gate. Not since William Ginsburg, Monica Lewinsky's hapless first attorney, has a lawyer had such an inept public debut."

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Help us chart the movements of the Rove Slime Machine. Have you seen media attacks on Matt Cooper and/or Patrick Fitzgerald? Other relevant players? Let us know at this special discussion thread. What show? What time? Who's doing the sliming? Just the facts.

Propriety watch: Should the selection of the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court be quarterbacked by a man who is currently the subject of an on-going criminal investigation?

A TPM Reader updates on Rove's last public appearances ...

The Rove appearance in Nebraska was no reporters and not open to the public. The questions were pre-screened and I think limited to questions about Social Security.

He also spoke to WaPo editors and reporters about Social Security recently, I believe immediately after the Newsweek article with Cooper's email came out but before much else came out. Somehow Rove prevented that prestigious publication from asking him ANY questions about his role in the leak scandal.

More to come.

Duce! Duce! RNC releases list of Rove-loyalty pledges from Republican members of Congress. Images of Roman salutes, perhaps of the Chaplin variety, apparently to come.

If you have access to Salon, set aside a few minutes to read this new piece by Sid Blumenthal, which sets out the broad horizon of where the Rove/Plame story is at press, while knocking down much of the standing disinformation. See also the quotes from Kovach about what the Times is up to in this with Judy Miller. This goes to the earlier conversation about just how Miller is involved in this whole matter.

This also makes me think of the issue that, to the White House especially, is probably near the top of the issues on the ballot in 2006, though it probably never will be explicitly: congressional oversight. Having any actual scrutiny on what the administration has done on this stuff would be devastating. Picking through the disinformation in the Roberts Senate Intel report would just be the start.

I was thinking this morning that if I had the right software and better business sense I'd set up one of those cool Internet futures markets, only in this case, the site would sell futures contracts on which day the Rove machine would go after which person involved in this scandal. Clearly, they've been on Wilson for a couple days already. Cooper was the emerging target yesterday. And of course the big enchilada is Fitzgerald himself. When's his day. I Day +1? Who else am I missing?

It didn't escape the notice of the reporters at the Times or the Post today. Never one for subtlety, Rove lawyer Robert "GB" Luskin has started laying the ground work for accusing Matt Cooper of lying about his client. Said Luskin: "Cooper's truthful testimony today will not call into question the accuracy or completeness of anything Rove has previously said to the prosecutor or the grand jury."

No, not subtle.