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I don't normally list members of Congress by their hometown. But I did yesterday with House Conscience Caucus Dean Rep. Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri. And for good reason -- because she represents Cape Girardeau, Missouri, hometown of our good friend Rush Limbaugh.

So we do have to ask. Who's more in touch with folks in the 8th District? Jo Ann or Rush?

Talk about burying the lede!

If I'm understanding the US News squib correctly, the Luntz memo not only says that Brian Williams is an easy mark. Luntz apparently also believes that CNN is now so thoroughly whipped as to be on par with FOX in terms of Bush-fidelity.

[ed.note: I have to thank this blog for setting me straight on this egregious error.]

If you're a supporter of Social Security phase-out, then by all means get over to the Club for Growth website and give these guys some money. Because it's not at all clear they can afford, at present, to run ads against all the Republicans going into the Conscience Caucus.

(ed.note: For those of you who are not familiar with them, the Club for Growth is a public interest group that advocates on behalf of the extremely wealthy.)

I have to tell you I'm a little concerned about some members of the Conscience Caucus and more than a few folks who are trying to get in.

Let's just start with Sen. Linc Chafee (R) of Rhode Island.

First, he's against Social Security phase-out; then maybe he's for it; then he can't make up his mind. Tomorrow who knows? Doesn't this sort of felonious flipfloppery and indecision start to have a corrosive effect on one's chances for reelection?

Better to be in the Caucus than out of it, certainly. And Chafee's still hanging on, if in CUP? status. But Reps. Simmons and Emerson seemed to know they were against phase-out from the get-go.

I know everyone's got to dance once in a while. But once phase-out goes down in flames isn't this the sort of thing Jim Langevin (D-RI) is going to use to clobber Chafee?

A TPM Reader points out this final line in the Free Press's piece on the president's visit to Michigan: "Detroit Economic Club officials said Monday the traditional question and answer period after the speech has been dropped for Bush's visit."

Noam Scheiber catches David Brooks in the act, trying to find the back door to phase-out now that the front door approach may be blocked.

A TPM reader -- SS -- makes a great point. Can we keep this Bamboozlepalooza Tour going?

In Michigan, where the president is today, almost half the Republicans in the congressional delegation are in the Caucus or bucking for entry. Can the president plan a trip to, maybe, Alabama, another hotbed of Caucusism. Or maybe Missouri? Heck, why not Texas? I'd be happy to work up an itinerary.

Late Update: Come to think of it: Ohio.