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Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota: "The scheme adjusts benefit levels based on consumer price indexing rather than wage indexing. This would leave beneficiaries with a smaller annual cost of living adjustment, or COLA, at a time when Medicare premiums are skyrocketing at nearly 17 percent per year. These changes and the resulting benefit cuts would apply to everyone, even people who chose not to set up a private account. Such a plan essentially results in a steep 'retirement tax' on all seniors. Such a plan is not 'reform' and it will not 'strengthen' Social Security."

Harold Meyerson: "The fabricated crisis is the hallmark of the Bush presidency."

As Hillel might have said, all the rest is commentary. But good commentary.

Doris Matsui (D-CA) announces decision to seek election to her late husband's House seat in California's 5th congressional district.

"I am asking those who supported him to now support me."

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has set March 8th as election day. If no candidate garners more than 50% of the vote a second round will be held on May 3rd.

We're all hip to push-polls and other strategies for below-the-radar advocacy. But perhaps the Social Security phase-out agenda provides a new and ready-made technique.

Many companies have benefits providers who have regular contact with quite a few individual employees. Today, for instance, I received a copy of a flyer posted around one firm letting everyone know about an upcoming special presentation on the Social Security 'crisis' for the benefit of the company's employees.

The presentation is being put on by a representative from a certain financial services company.

The flyer reads "Social Security ... Find out: How it works, Why it is in crisis What to expect."

Of course, there's also details with date and time and even the munchies that they'll serve. You can even get an individual consultation if you want, it says -- no doubt to tell you that the Social Security Administration is set to auto-destruct and that anyone who thinks they'll ever collect a Social Security benefit is certifiably insane.

Have you seen flyers like this showing up at your work place?

Cato Update: Earlier today we reported that the Cato website lists Rep. Harold Ford as giving the luncheon address on day two of the Social Security conference that they are holding on February 8th and 9th. The congressman's office tells TPM that the congressman actually declined Cato's invitation sometime last week.

We note that a revised program now posted on the Cato website lists Edward Prescott as giving that speech.

Alright, ya heard it here first. I hear that The New Republic's Ryan Lizza is about to escort someone on Capitol Hill right outta the Fainthearted Faction. Their new issue hits the web tomorrow. So we should know more then.