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Did you see NBC Nightly News tonight?

TPM Reader KM says Chip Reid may have gotten himself debamboozled in time for the evening telecast.

But he was so deeply bamboozled this morning on the 'nuclear option' that we want confirmation.

Let us know what you hear.

You think SpongeBob had it bad? What do you think James Dobson will do to Bill Frist if Frist doesn't go nuclear?

Birds of a feather fly together.

This from Reuters: "In a show of support, President Bush will give embattled House of Representatives Republican leader Tom DeLay an Air Force One ride to Washington from Texas on Tuesday, a White House spokesman said."

TPM Reader BB sends us another in our on-going series of Great Moments in 'Nuclear Option' non-Bamboozlement. This just out from a late afternoon article by Richard Morin and Dan Balz in the Post (emphasis added) ...

GOP leaders are threatening a rules change to prohibit the use of filibusters to block judicial nominees and have stepped up their criticism of the Democrats for using the tactic on some of Bush's nominees to the federal appellate courts. They say they are prepared to invoke what has become known as the "nuclear option" to assure that Bush's nominees receive an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor.

Needless to say, Ken Mehlman has <$NoAd$> probably already dispatched a crack team of specialist bamboozlers to give Richard and Dan a good working over. So send positive thoughts in solidarity with these two as-yet-unbamboozled worthies.

He's fallen and maybe he can't get up<$NoAd$>. TPM Reader JH sends us in the confirmation of the Chip Reid's double-self-bamboozle-backflip on Imus this morning.

Let's go to the tape (emphasis added) ...

What it is all about is this so-called Nuclear Option, it's complicated, but basically the Republicans are threatening to change the rules in the Senate, so that the Democrats can no longer bloc these seven or so very conservative Bush Federal Court nominees. Democrats are saying 'If you're going to do that than we are going to pull the trigger on what we call the Nuclear Option, meaning we are going to shut this place down. We're going to turn the Senate into a legislative wasteland', which some people say it already is, but they are going to block everything they can.


You see there on the slo-mo he goes in for the GOP hoodwink and then tumbles into a full self-bamboozle mistaking the 'nuclear option' for what the Dems want to do in response to the nuclear option.

The thrill of victory and the agony of the self-bamboozle ...

First on judges. Then on Bolton. Then on Social Security? This blog catches a comment from Sen. Specter that others may have missed.

TPM Reader LB chimes in: "Dear Josh, as someone pointed out as well -- you? Yglesias? -- what makes the move to end filibusters nuclear is that it isn't being done in the standard way of changing a rule -- rather, it is to be claimed as out of order and then the President of the Senate (Cheney) asks for a majority vote and then so rules. That's bending if not breaking parliamentary procedure and THAT's what's nuclear about the scenario."

Ughgh, now they're falling like flies!

We're getting in unconfirmed reports that NBC's Chip Reid, on Imus apparently, not only has fallen for the RNC 'nuclear option' bamboozlement but has even added to it by calling the Dems' response to ending the filibuster the 'nuclear option' rather than that being the 'nuclear option' itself.

In other words, Chip not only fell for the bamboozle, but before he could find his way to the first microphone he managed to pull a further self-bamboozle. I know, I know, not pretty. But when these folks are this far gone it seldom is.

Help us confirm these accounts and do what we can to save Chip's dignity. He's fallen. But, with your help, he can get up.

Oh the humanity ...

Ahhh, always a sad sight to behold. NPR joins the Times in talking a dive for the 'nuclear option' speech police.