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As recently as January of this year, says Sen. Carl Levin, Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith misled Congress about the US intelligence community's assessement of the relationship between Iraq and al Qaida. Levin has now issued a report on Feith and will ask the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to take "appropriate action" against him.

You think Kerry's a heretic? How 'bout George W.? NewDonkey has the story.

(ed. note: Ed, can I just refer to you by name now rather than 'NewDonkey'?)

Did they get this right?

A local paper in Michigan, The Herald-Palladium, reports that yesterday in a speech at Lake Michigan College, former CIA Director George Tenet said that the war in Iraq was "wrong."

Hello, hello, Kerry campaign ...

AP: "The Index of Leading Economic Indicators, a widely watched barometer of future economic activity, edged lower in September for the fourth month in a row, indicating a slowing in economic growth, a private research group reported Thursday ... Conference Board economist Ken Goldstein called the September decline a 'clear signal that the economy is losing momentum heading into 2005.'

Echoes of David.

Another disgusting attempt to impute anti-Semitism to Democrats because of their criticism of certain neoconservative administration appointees.

This time it's Ann Coulter. No surprise.

I hear Condi Rice<$NoAd$> is taking questions on her campaign swing through the midwest. Admittedly, any self-identified TPM reader probably runs a decent chance of getting arrested if he or she tries to attend one of Condi's events.

But assuming one avoids preventative detention, how about asking her this question ...

Several days ago Abu Musab Zarqawi pledged his allegiance to Osama bin Laden. He's the deadliest terrorist in Iraq today. But according to NBC news, the US had "several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation" before the war and we didn't take him out then because that would have taken away one of our reasons for invading Iraq. Do you regret that decision?

If you read the reporting by NBC and others, it's pretty clear that the call was made by Condi herself. Ask her. I'd love to hear her answer.

She can run but she can't hide.

Another contender for our Karl Rove Dirty Trick's Watch?

You'll remember from Josh Green's piece on Rove's tactics in the current Atlantic Monthly, Rove has a certain penchant, shall we say, for mounting whisper campaigns which suggest that whatever candidate he happens to be running against at the moment is gay.

(What is it with these Republicans and gay sex?)

Well, it seems someone in South Dakota has been sending out stickers to churches in the state that read "Vote for Daschle & Vote for SODOMY."

Maybe not Rove, of course. But perhaps some young Rove acolyte learning the ropes?

Now, that's more like it. AP/IPSOS has Kerry over Bush 49% to 46% among likely voters.

That's within the margin of error. But almost every poll is within the margin these days. And that comes on the heels of dead-even readings among likely voters from NBC/WSJ and Pew in the last couple days.

Zogby does have Bush wobbling back to a one point lead today. And the Post still has Bush with a three point spread.

But on balance there seems to be at least a mild drift in Kerry's direction over this last week.