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Privatization Bamboozle Michael Medved Meltdown.

And the reality is even weirder than that convoluted phrase. See this post for the details.

The Count even gets dragged into the action.

(ed.note: Believe me, you won't want to miss this one.)

Corzine and Schumer to join student filibuster!

No word yet on Frist family offer to rename Capitol building 'Frist Center for Government'. Developing ...

TPM Reader FL adds to RM's comments: "RM's argument on the need for stable Social Security benefits is reenforced by an argument by Zvi Bodie (a BU finance professor) made on NPR last night. PBGC (for whom Bodie consults) is supposed to be self-financing. Inheriting the UAL pension system will require that PBGC raise insurance rates on remaining defined benefit plans. Higher insurance rates will accelerate employer moves out of defined benefit plans and over to 401K's."

TPM Reader RM chimes in: "The decision yesterday by the bankruptcy court permitting United Airlines to walk away from some $10 billion in unfunded pension liabilities -- sticking a substantial portion of the tab on the Pension Benefit Guaranty Association and causing employees to lose as much as 50% of their expected retirement benefits -- ought to exemplify why it is necessary to retain at least one leg of the retirement "three-legged stool" that is not subject to the risk(s) of market forces and/or corporate uncertainty. Social Security needs to stay as social insurance. The Dems ought to be all over this argument."

Jill! Jill! Jill!

I thought we had at least put the 'nuclear option' word game mumbojumbo to rest. Even most Republicans are embarrassed to call it the 'constitutional option' now.

But now we find <$NoAd$> this from Jill Zuckman in the Trib ...

Fearful of the political fallout from such a confrontation, some Democratic and Republican senators were attempting to craft a compromise.

But there was little indication they had made much progress or attracted the support necessary to avoid the so-called nuclear option. That is the term Democrats have given to the possible end to the filibuster, which requires 60 votes in the 100-member Senate to cut off debate, and instead allow up-or-down votes in which only 51 votes would be needed for confirmation.

(Your heart just sinks, doesn't it?)

Tell Jill Zuckman, no more nuclear-backsliding!

(ed.note: Thanks to TPM Reader GC for keeping Zuckman under surveillance.)

Late Update: Here's the correction the Tribune had to run about the 'nuclear option' the last time they goofed on this point.

Trent Lott to go where only SpongeBob has gone before?

As James Dobson prepares the auto de fe, he tells the American Family Association's Don Wildmon: "I don't remember being so disgusted and alarmed by what I just had confirmed in the Senate as I am now. Senator Trent Lott is about to sabotage Majority Leader Frist and cut a separate deal with the Democrats to preserve the filibuster of judges."

(ed.note: A note of thanks to TPM Reader VS for pre-screening this claptrap so we had to read no more than was absolutely necessary for comedic purposes.)

Wah. Wah. And did I mention, Wah.

Now the story is that privatization is going down the tubes because of liberal media bias.

So says Herman Cain in The National Review.

The excuse that's always ready at hand.