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As of 5:11 PM this evening we have 1373 contributors to our TPMCafe Fundraiser (here's a brief description of what TPMCafe will include).

We've got a bit more than six hours remaining. And given that it's Friday evening, the pace of contributions seems certain to slow. But we're holding out for 1400 contributors before we finish up at midnight.

As noted earlier, with all our chattering about our TPMCafe Fundraiser we want to bring you some news today about what we'll be including in the initial launch of TPMCafe.com.

One of the features of the site we're most excited about is a group blog focusing on foreign affairs and national security.

This is a subject that I haven't written about recently as much as I have in the past. But, as you know, it's one that interests me greatly. And this group blog will provide an informed and lively discussion of national security issues both as events develop in the news day to day, but also taking a broader view, thinking about the challenges that face the United States in the years and decades to come, and how to meet them.

The blog will have about half a dozen contributors who mix backgrounds in government work on the National Security Council, international relations and journalism. We're still finalizing the list. But two of the contributors we're ready to announce are Ivo Daalder of Brookings and Anne-Marie Slaughter of Princeton University.

Ivo served as director for European Affairs ('95-'96) on President Clinton's National Security Council staff, where he was responsible for coordinating U.S. policy toward Bosnia. And from 1998-2001, he served as a member of the Study Group of the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century (i.e., the Hart-Rudman Commission).

To find out more about Daalder's work you can read the Foreign Affairs review I wrote last year of the book he recently wrote with James Lindsay, America Unbound: The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy.

Slaughter is the Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs and an expert in international relations and international law. Her most recent book is A New World Order. And, no, I didn't review that one. But, hey, I can only write so much.

Needless to say, we couldn't be happier that such impressive folks have signed on.

We'll be bringing you more on other contributors to the new site shortly ...

House Republicans say they're ready to vote on a Social Security phase-out bill. Will Democrats succumb to latent Faintheartedness? Will the Conscience Caucus fall into line?

Everyone on our Conscience Caucus list has either said they're opposing phasing out Social Security or has expressed reservations about doing so. Now would be the time to check back with these folks and find out whether they've changed their minds in favor of phase-out.

As noted a bit earlier, a bunch of you would love to send food and drinks to these students filibustering Frist. And I've actually got numbers of several places who can deliver to them. But let's hold on a second so that this can be coordinated. Otherwise, they're just going to end up with 50 pizzas in front of their stand in the next hour. And despite the great college student capacity to consume pizza, a lot of it will still go bad. I'm trying to figure out a way this can be done to keep these kids swimming in party food as they continue their filibustering. So I'll be updating you shortly.

Late Update: While you're waiting, here are pictures of Rep. Rush Holt filibustering Frist (reading from Aesop's Fables, we're told) earlier today. By the end of this filibuster Aesop himself may even stop by.


Beantown Bamboozled Bad by Bush!

Headline of article in the Boston Globe: "Bush would trim benefits of well-to-do."

As this post at ThinkProgress shows, Bush is defining the "well-to-do" as anyone making over $20,000. I had no idea the staffer I'm going to hire with the help of all your contributions was going to make out like such a friggin' tycoon ...

(ed.note: Thanks to TPM Reader EF for bringing us the ugly truth.)

They've got their own URL: www.FilibusterFrist.com.

Check by the site now to see Rep. Rush Holt filibustering Frist.

Late Update: We've gotten a number of emails asking how you can buy a copy of coffee or have a pizza ordered and sent over to these kids who've been filibustering Frist day and night for three days. I have no idea. But I'm checking into it.